Posted in February 2012

Coming soon!

Check out my segments page to see what segments I’m going to be doing, and coming soon here I’m going to be uploading a post about the Vancouver spa show – product reviews and what not. Make sure to come back for that! It will be up before Next Wednesday I promise! xoxo Jdal. Advertisements

Watch out for Makeup!

Skin care products can only do so much for your skin if every day you smother your face with crap and clog all your pores and dry your skin out. What do you think you’re doing? That’s only thinking it halfway through!┬áThat’s like painting a wall before demolishing your house, no point at all. So … Continue reading

How to Determine your Skin Type

Seems pretty simple hey? Well you’d be amazed how many people have no idea what their skin type is, or who have it wrong. Lets start off saying there’s 4 different skin types; dry, oily, sensitive, and mature. Mature is relatively obvious and can be seen in anyone 35+ (sometimes older for those of you … Continue reading

How to Get Smooth Skin

I had a request for this post and thought it was the perfect question for my blog. Rough skin can be caused by a few things, first I want you to check and make sure you’ve shaved your legs… Still rough? Alright then it’s your skin that is rough which would be because it is … Continue reading

How to Shape your Brows

Oh I can think of so many people who need to read this. I even went and found a picture so that you can follow this shit. No excuses! So lets go in the order of letters, just for simple sake. Starting off with A, this line has absolutely zero point in this photo unless … Continue reading

A Beneficial Food Fight

What I mean is this should be on your face! Green Tea: I drink a huge mug full (I mean huge) every single morning because of all the antioxidants green tea has for you, however it’s also good for your skin. Make yourself a mug of green tea and let it cool off and use … Continue reading

Cellulite: Your How to.

Oh cellulite, how we all hate you. Now I know that all of you want to get completely rid of that stuff, however that is unfortunately impossible. Lets start with what the heck cellulite is. Cellulite is gel like blobs that sit from your inner lower thigh across the front of your thigh, to your … Continue reading

Bonjour Beauty Lovers

Hello there, I’ve decided after contemplating for only today to create a blog; might as well try it out and see what all the fuss is about right? I currently have many sources to information in the beauty industry and thought to myself, why not use those online? I love to share information and I … Continue reading