A Beneficial Food Fight

What I mean is this should be on your face!

Green Tea: I drink a huge mug full (I mean huge) every single morning because of all the antioxidants green tea has for you, however it’s also good for your skin. Make yourself a mug of green tea and let it cool off and use it as a toner to reduce redness and soothe the skin.

Oatmeal: Oatmeal is well known to be soothing having major anti-inflammatory properties and it is also hydrating. One of my favorite DIY masks is made of oatmeal. Boil water and make yourself a batch of oatleal, however don’t mix enough water in so it is like a thick paste. Mix in a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon or so of olive oil. Mix until it is a paste and apply to the skin. This mask is best for sensitive or dry skin types.

Avocado: This is an obvious one. Avocado works wonders for the hydration levels of your skin. It can be used on the face, body or hair to boost your hydration levels. Avocado works well in the skin and penetrates easily because the oils are similar to the skin’s, so our skin accepts it quickly and allows it to penetrate. It can be mashed up and applied by itself as a moisture mask.

Lemon: Lemon works as a perfect natural exfoliant. The acids in the fruit work as natural exofliants and the scent is obviously wonderful. You can apply on it’s own or add it to your own exfoliant at home to give it a boost. Secondly lemon works well for brightening and evening out skin tone. All through school I used a lemon mask once a week: the juice of one whole lemon and a couple scoops of organic, plain, greek yoghurt. Mix the two together so that they aren’t too runny and apply to the face. It doesn’t smell too great and it gets really itchy trust me, but try your very best to keep the mask on for about 20 minutes to half an hour and then rinse off. This should leave your skin looking radiant.

Egg Whites: Can help to improve tone and texture, while also encouraging the skin to become tighter and firmer. Apply just straight egg whites to the face and leave on for about 30 minutes. After they dry it is a little bit uncomfortable yes but it’s what we do for beauty am I right? Rinse off using warm water. Make sure to use organic eggs as others can contain traces of hormones and pesticides or herbicides which are obviously no good for your skin.

Papaya: Although papaya is a little bit hard to come by in some places it’s fantastic for an oily skin type. It works as an amazing decongestant, has an abundance of antioxidants and also has hydrating properties. Papaya contains “papain” which is helpful in exfoliation as well as AHA’s (Alpha-hydroxy acids) which are useful in anti-aging. The AHA’s however are found in the papaya peel. Use papaya fruit with milk on the face to help remove blemishes, dark spots, even out skin tone and work for anti-aging. Mix papaya with honey to create a thicker paste and apply to face for a hydration/exfoliation mask. Apply mashed papaya to dry heels to hydrate.

Honey: You’ll notice that honey is in quite a few of the masks I’ve told you above. Honey has this wonderful ability to draw moisture into the skin and prevent drying. Honey has antioxidants and anti-microbial properties. This means that it supports the skins ability to rejuvenate skin cells  and refresh depleted skin to leave skin feeling soft and supple. Mix together honey and milk (yes it is hard to mix the two together I understand!) and apply to the face as a mask to keep skin looking youthful, radiant and smooth.

Olive Oil: Olive oil is fantastic as your skin, however, it drives me insane when I have a client come in and say they use only olive oil for their moisturizer at home. Olive oil is hydrating but please don’t limit yourself to just using this oil as a moisturizer. Olive oil is perfect for a spot treatment of dry spots or for dry, frizzy hair. That being said, olive oil is fantastic for it’s hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties. It has a rare antioxidant called Hydroxytrosol in it which prevents free radical damage on the skin cells. So use this as a mask once to twice a week, however do not use it as a daily moisturizer.


So now you have a little bit of DIY to begin, try some of the recipes for yourself at home! However please do not replace your skin care line with these natural products. They do have fantastic properties but you’re going to want to stick to more than one ingredient for your daily skin care regime.





3 thoughts on “A Beneficial Food Fight

    • Great idea, I always found the oatmeal could clump up and make it extremely difficult to actually put on your face and smooth out. The tea tree is a great idea for acne, as it is purifying however be careful as it is also drying! Make sure to use a moisturizer specialized to oily skin types afterwords. Right now I’m really loving Phytomer products, but go talk to your esthetician about their products to see what works best for you! I know that algae based product lines work well for acne as well as fruit based lines, so eminence is another good one!

  1. Eastern Europe is the mecca of DIY beauty treatments and my mom swears by the oatmeal mask! It looks and sounds gross but it really does work! i love the concept of DIY beauty – it’s so much better the natural way! I’m addicted to cucumber anything: it’s so fresh and light. Great post — I’m sending it to all my hippie friends 🙂

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog btw!

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