Cellulite: Your How to.

Oh cellulite, how we all hate you. Now I know that all of you want to get completely rid of that stuff, however that is unfortunately impossible.

Lets start with what the heck cellulite is.

Cellulite is gel like blobs that sit from your inner lower thigh across the front of your thigh, to your outer upper thigh. It does NOT HAPPEN ON YOUR BUTT. If your seeing that imperfect skin across your buttocks that is lack of tone that can be fixed through exercise directed to that area.

Skin with cellulite will feel cool, the colder it gets the further along the cellulite is. This is because the blobs cut off circulation to the skin causing the area to be cold.

These blobs are built up fat and toxins and there are 3 stages of cellulite. There are a few different ways to determine your cellulite stage. First of all if you apply pressure with  your fingertips and drag across the area you can determine the blob size, secondly you can determine the temperature.

The first stage is cool in temperature, and the blobs are small, about pea sized. In the first stage the cellulite is sensitive, so deep massage and cellulite massage to that area will make the area feel tender. This is usually found in youthful athletic women. If this is you, you are in the clear. This is the least amount of cellulite a woman can have.

In stage two, the cellulite is cold in temperature and the blobs are about almond size, so a fair size bigger than the first stage however not huge. The area won’t be as sensitive to pressure.

In stage three the cellulite is quite cold in temperature, and the blobs can be anywhere from golf ball size to baseball size. The area won’t be sensitive however the skin may feel a little bit loose. This stage is usually found in women who fluctuate in weight classes, have tried crash dieting or have problems in weight loss.

So now what can you do to get rid of this stuff?! Don’t worry there’s a few things.

First of all a healthy diet is always a good idea; the less toxins and fats that you intake, the less toxins and fats can build up in your body. Try to stay clear of processed foods and toxins such as cigarettes and alcohol.

Secondly it is important to have PROPER exercise. Now in the case of cellulite you want to help exercise your lympathic system; the system used to drain toxins from your body. So this means doing “flowy” exercises such as swimming, yoga or dancing rather than “pounding exercises like running.

There is also “dry brushing” is a simple way to help your lymphatic system to gather toxins from the area. Very lightly and slowly brush over thighs towards the heart. This will stimulate lymph capillaries to gather toxins from the area and send them to the nearest lymph nodes, which will destroy the toxins and remove them from your system.

Photo of a dry brush

It is very important to keep up your water intake as the lymphatic system excretes many of the toxins through your bladder. Drinking more and more water will help you to excrete as many toxins as possible while keeping yourself important is also just as healthy.

Next there are many treatments that you can do, however you need to know this isn’t going to go away in a week, it may take a little while to get rid of cellulite depending on the stage it is in. There are treatments that do stimulating movements on the area, which trust me isn’t the most comfortable however it is done to break up the toxins and help them flow from  your body easier. Most treatments will apply some sort of heating “slimming gel” to break down the blobs. All cellulite treatments are done differently though. Your esthetician will remind you how often to come back and have another service and give you home care to continue to work on your cellulite when you are at home in between treatments.

Don’t freak out, it’s possible to get rid of the majority of cellulite =]



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