The Problem with Soap and your Skin Care Basics.

I’m going to keep things simple to start this off. If you use soap on your face you make me cringe, I’m sorry but it’s true! There are so many reasons SOAP and DRUGSTORE PRODUCTS are so bad for your skin.

First lets start with soap. Bar soap, liquid soap, that shit is for your hands. Don’t use it on your face, oh lord please! Soap creates this nasty layer of film on your face, it won’t penetrate to clean out anything which means that your pores will still be full of impurities. Some people believe that the foaming means it’s cleaning, that’s unfortunately not true in this case.

Next the soap will dry out your skin incredibly, and usually those who use soap won’t use a proper moisturizer if they use one at all. So the fact that you are drying out your skin and then not re-hydrating will cause two things; dry skin and aging. That’s right, aging. Your youthful skin will age quickly as it dries out. By the time your 27 you’ll have crows feet so bad you’ll want to stay in doors. As your skin dehydrated it becomes sallow and more prone to sagging and looking aged.

Lastly I need to put something out there about all the skin care products you buy at a drugstore. Let me tell you something; if it isn’t sold to you by a professional (and that doesn’t mean a professional Walmart employee) it is not legally allowed to put in enough product to change anything about your skin. That’s right. That means you’ll be buying chemicals that do nothing to your skin. The reasoning behind this is that anyone could walk into a drug store and buy any product without any contact with a skin care professional. If these products had the ability to change your skin it could be a real big problem if someone gets an acid peel when they have really dry skin, and they aren’t told how to use this product, how often to use it, they have no information at all. Sure you may have something at home that you got from Sears and swear that it has worked miracles for you! This may happen in some cases where you see a difference however it may be due to other factors or that small amount of ingredient will have possibly helped in the slightest bit. However you’re basically paying $15+ for frog water.

Lets get specific here. You buy yourself this dry skin moisturizer for your face at Walmart for $23, you’re thinking “wow that’s a steal usually moisturizers are like $60+” Well you’ve just bought yourself crap my friend. That moisturizer will sit on your skin creating a layer that will not penetrate your upper layers. It may hydrate the superficial layers of your skin, however the underlying layers will stay dehydrated as long as you are using that product.

When it comes to buying a toner at the store you can guarantee over half of them are either alcohol based or have alcohol in them which is going to instantly dry your skin. The rest of them is basically expensive water.

Think about it for a minute, if soap was totally fine to use on your face why would they bother making all those expensive skin care products when everyone could just buy $2 soap? Because it’s terrible for your skin that’s why. And don’t you dare look at that ingredients list and be like “it says it has algae in it, it’s professional” it may have a trace of algae my friend, and that is all.

So now I’m going to tell you why you need each product for your skin and why it is so important to pay that extra money that we hold so dear to us.

First of all it is important to get a quality product from a professional environment because of the ingredient list. These products have all been tested and made sure that they have enough ingredients to fix the problems that we have in our skin. Whether they’re using algae’s, fruits, sea water, plant extracts, essential oils from the earth, they are using their specific ingredients for specific purposes.

Secondly you have the information available to you. You may ask a professional which product is good for your skin and they will direct you to the products that will be good for your skin. Then you will have the opportunity to gain information about their product line, all the benefits and ingredients and what not.

So let’s go over the importance of each product in the order of use in your daily routine:

Cleanser: A cleanser is used to clean impurities and oils from your skin. Use this first in your daily routine to introduce your skin to the products you are about to use (aka introduce it to a marine atmosphere if you are about to use products using sea water and algae) There are different types of cleansers as well; gel, cream and milk. The gel usually foams and is quite often used for purifying oily skin types. Cream and milk are similar, cream is like a thinner moisturizer and is usually used on dry, sensitive and aging skin. Milk is thinner than cream and is also used on sensitive or aging skin. Usually the two are for both skin types  and it may be up to your personal preference, however ask your skin care specialist first before deciding.

Phytomer Purifying Cleansing Gel from France

Toner: Use a toner to balance the pH of your skin and remove any leftover cleanser or oils. A toner should be used in between each product to continually bring your skin back to the pH level of 4.5 – 5.5. There are many different toners that are for different skin types, so be sure to talk to your skin care specialist to see what is best for you.

Eau Marine Toner by Phytomer

Exfoliant: There are also a few types of exfoliants, firstly there is an abrasive exfoliant which is usually used on impure skin that needs to be deep cleansed. Abrasive exfoliants usually shouldn’t be used on aging skin as it will drag the skin around, however this depends on the product line. Secondly there are enzymatic exfoliants. I love enzymatic exfoliants! They go on like a gel or cream and you let them sit on your skin like a mask. These will eat off the stratum corneum (top layer of dead skin cells) and deep cleanse pores.  Depending on the skin care line they may be tingly or even stingy, however some may feel as gentle as a cream.

Mask: There are quite a few types of masks that are all to specialized skin types. They come in gel, cream and clay. Clay is typically a drying agent and is used for oily skin types. They’re your mini facial at home and help to deeply attack the problems your having in your skin. Talk to your skin care specialist about a mask that would be good for you, invite the girls over and have a spa/movie night. Love it!

Serum: Serum’s are often forgotten in a skin care routine, however they’re the bomb. Serums are used to deeply work against the skin issues you’re having in the underlying layers of your skin. As most serums are a little oily, your skin may be slightly shiny afterword which may feel gross to those with oily skin types. However, you just have to remember that the ingredients in the serum were made specially for your skin type and they are helping the problem. Apply a thin layer below your moisturizer.

Moisturizer: These are so important; moisturizers apply the hydration back into your skin so that it won’t become dehydrated. There are also specialized moisturizers that prevent aging, drying of the skin, redness and irritations, sebaceous gland activity, etc. I am one of those people who have very oily skin, and for the longest time I decided that there is no way I am putting more moisture into my skin. Don’t think like that! After learning about moisturizers I started kicking myself in the butt. If your skin is oily and you avoid a moisturizer, your sebaceous glands will go into overdrive and produce even more oils to compensate for the lack of hydration in your skin. So your skin will be even more oily than before.

Lift Contour intensive eye and lip cream from Phytomer

Eye Cream: Lastly, your eye cream. Depending on the product line, your eye cream might work specific problems or they may work multiple, however all are to prevent aging in the area. Use your eye cream last to prevent fine lines and puffiness.

So now you have the basic knowledge, get out and change up your skin care products if you buy yours at a drug store! The little extra money is worth it. Just think that daily coffee that you buy it’s only about 6 months worth of that daily $3 coffee to buy your whole skin care line and then some (that’s around $500 that you would be spending and a skin care line would cost around $300-$500 for a good one, but you will thank yourself in the future!) Get out there and do it!




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