How to Shape your Brows

Oh I can think of so many people who need to read this. I even went and found a picture so that you can follow this shit. No excuses!

How to shape your brow diagram

So lets go in the order of letters, just for simple sake. Starting off with A, this line has absolutely zero point in this photo unless you  want to know where the lower half of your eye is… Bam! It’s below line A.

Line B shows you the top of your eye! Just in case you were curious! In this photo it shows that the lowest point of the brow should be even with the crease line, this is an actual rule to follow. It may sound like that is a low point to reach, but take a look in a mirror and you’ll see, oh hey, half my brow is already there!

Line C shows you the top of the brow…. You found the top! Wahoo!

Line D is showing where the brow should begin. Unfortunately there is no nose in this picture, but you can sort of assume where this should line up, maybe that’s just me. The inner brow should begin along the length of the nose, however if that shit connects in the middle you got it all wrong!

Line E is portraying the position of the arch. If you look straight ahead in a mirror, the outside of your iris should line up with the arch. This is if you are looking straight ahead. That doesn’t mean look over here and over there and “oh it matched a minute ago”. So look straight ahead in the mirror and aim straight up from beside your iris (you may want to use a pencil or something) this should be the absolute highest part of your arch. If your arch is offset it will look offset.

Line F is the length of the brow. Line up a pencil from the outer corner of your nose to the outer corner of your eye but let the pencil continue on. Where the pencil meets the brow is where the brow should finish.

Lastly, the beginning of the brow should be twice the thickness of the end of the brow, and gradually get slower, no one wants a big glob of hair followed by a skinny line.

Hope this helps!



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