How to Get Smooth Skin

I had a request for this post and thought it was the perfect question for my blog. Rough skin can be caused by a few things, first I want you to check and make sure you’ve shaved your legs… Still rough? Alright then it’s your skin that is rough which would be because it is dry. That’s the just of it. HOWEVER, don’t you dare go pick yourself up some damn drugstore moisturizer or so help you god!

Let’s do a scrub and moisturizer. I’ll do it with you just so that you know I like you that much.

So to start with a scrub we have two options; a sugar scrub or a salt scrub. And don’t you assholes go “mrehh you can use cornmeal and ground almonds and dirt..” I don’t give a shit. Salt and sugar are the basics and they are the easiest to make so we’re sticking to them.

A salt scrub is generally coarse and very abrasive. When using salt scrubs the salt (especially when using sea salt) helps to put minerals into your skin giving you a healthy glow. It is best suited for people with very dry and rough skin, but also works well to absorb oils in oily skin types. You would want to avoid using a salt scrub if you have lots of cuts or if you have just shaved your legs as it will be a bit irritating and possibly sting.

A sugar scrub is less abrasive than a salt scrub and will dissolve in water. It is usually sticky and unfortunately doesn’t have any remineralizing properties. Sugar scrubs are good for those with sensitive skin, however if your skin is excessively rough it won’t help out as much as the salt scrub.

Alright so now you pick which one you want to do. I’m going to give you a recipe for both so whichever one sounds better for you, you do that one!


1/2 cup brown sugar, 1 tablespoon honey, a dash of olive oil and 1/2 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice. The sugar is obviously going to be abrasive, the honey will be soothing and hydrating as well as the olive oil, and the lemon uses natural enzymes to help exfoliate dead skin cells.

Brown sugar scrub


This one’s tough… 1 cup salt (sea salt works best) with 1/2 cup oil; olive oil, grape-seed oil, or almond oil, don’t try and substitute with vegetable oil please.

So scrub your body; this may be the best to do in the shower before you turn the water on so you don’t make a huge mess. You’re going to want to scrub each limb for about 30 seconds; you want to get your smooth on! After you’re finished scrubbing you’re going to want to rinse off so turn your shower on and have a good rinse.

Before you pop in the shower you’re going to want to get your moisturizer ready. Your skin absorbs the most within the first 3 minutes that you get out of the shower because your pores are open from the steam. As the water soaks into your skin, so will your moisturizing agent. This is called imbibition. Aweh yeah, good word from school.

So you’re going to want to have your moisturizer ready. You don’t want to use a drugstore moisturizer because they will NOT penetrate your skin what so ever. That is why when you put on your Lubriderm and Dial and then wash your skin hours and hours and hours later, you’ll feel all slimy. However, to create your own you’re going to need beeswax and grape seed oil and all this crap that I don’t expect you to have kicking around your house because lord knows I don’t have it! So for your moisturizer you can use a body mask, or a nicer moisturizing product from your local skin specialist. If you prefer to do a mask, be prepared that you’re going to get messy and have to have yet another shower.

So we can do an oatmeal  body mask to hydrate skin. Basically blend up (thanks for the tip Malia M!) oatmeal into a powder (this will take a bit of the mess away) you’ll probably want to use about 2 cups. Add in hot water, a big splash of olive oil, a big sploosh of honey, and if possible, half an avocado. You can eat the other half, it’s good for you. Mix it all up until it is a bit of a paste and slather it on. You’re going to want to keep this on for about 20 minutes so what may be best is to apply it in the bathroom, wrap yourself up in a crappy sheet and then plop yourself in front of the tv.

Once your 20 minutes is gone by, rinse off to find your skin quite a bit smoother, and quite a bit more hydrated.

HOME CARE: Your afterwords routine is important to keep up the smooth skin. Ever wonder why your spa therapist pushes products? It isn’t just because they want to sell you something, they want to make sure that your skin is getting better and your problems are being fixed! So after doing this you’re going to want to keep up on your moisturizing and try doing the scrub once every 2 or 3 weeks. Keep your skin all silky silky smooth.

Hope your skin is glowing




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