Watch out for Makeup!

Skin care products can only do so much for your skin if every day you smother your face with crap and clog all your pores and dry your skin out. What do you think you’re doing? That’s only thinking it halfway through! That’s like painting a wall before demolishing your house, no point at all.

So pick up that makeup and LOOK AT THE INGREDIENTS! Because I swear to god if you think that covergirl is good for your skin you’ve got another thing coming.

Lets start off with TALC. Talc is the closest natural thing to asbestos. How does that sound? To be voluntarily rubbing asbestos all over your skin? I didn’t think you’d like that. Most makeup companies will use talc as their main ingredient. Why you ask? Well it’s easy to acquire, easy to use, and creates a cheap powder base.  So if you look on the back of your makeup and see the word talc, you throw that shit right where it belongs; in the garbage.

Secondly you want to avoid the words Methyl, Propyl, Butyl and Ethyl Parabens. These are quite common preservatives which have been found in human breast tumors. They are also known to cause skin irritations and allergic reactions such as rashes.

Next you want to avoid PVP/VA Copolymer. This isn’t often used in cosmetics, however you will find it in some makeup products. Copolymer is considered toxic if inhaled and damaging to the lungs. Now who doesn’t want to smear that on their face?

asbestos for le face

I’m going to go over these three things that I found in my OLD makeup bag (meaning I don’t use these).

Covergirl CLEAN liquid foundation: Talc, propylene glycol, propylparaben, and methylparaben.

Covergirl eye shadows:  Talc, methylparaben, propylparaben, and 11 ingredients in the “may contain” section.

Maybeline eye shadows: talc, methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, isobutylparaben, butylparaben, and has 18 ingredients in the “may contain” section.

So please get rid of your Maybeline, get rid of your covergirl, I don’t care if Taylor Swift is your idol and she uses their “natural” mascara. If you actually look at the ingredients list you will see that about half of it is “may contain”. They don’t even know what they put in it! That’s like going downtown Manhattan and rubbing your face around the subway station hand rails; you have no idea what’s on there either.

Now if any of you actually listened to me and looked through your makeup you’re probably pretty frustrated right now. You have to throw all your makeup in the garbage? Do it. So what can you get because you realized that your beloved covergirl is all shit?! Niko cosmetics and Jane Iredale are the ONLY two brands that I will use. I will have a post up eventually telling you all about Jane Iredale because I love them SO much, and possibly about Niko cosmetics as well.

Anyways, please consider reading the information given to you. It is given to you for a reason. Look dem ingredients up and protect your skin always! Like I said before, you don’t want to be washing your face with hundred’s of dollars worth of skin care products and then smothering them with asbestos and powdered cancer. There just ain’t no point!




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