Posted in March 2012

Bliss No. 9

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7 Uses for Aloe Vera

I didn’t want to do 10 so I didn’t, don’t patronize me! Let’s begin with le history =] For more than three thousand five hundred years aloe vera has been used because of its moisturizing properties. Of course being a natural beauty product it can be traced back through history to the Egyptians where Cleopatra … Continue reading

Beauty of a Geisha

Geisha’s are well known as the beauties of Asia. They demonstrate beauty and healthy, flawless skin. I decided I needed to know the secrets to their skin care routines and what makes them the perfect picture of prettiness. I just recently watched that movie – Memoirs of a Geisha. It was a super good movie … Continue reading

Sensitive Skin

I know I just did oily skin, but I decided to just pop out another post on sensitives skin. This is referring to anyone who’s skin reacts to products or is reddened easily or usually. Sensitive skin can be a difficult thing because even the soothing products that we use may not have the effect … Continue reading

Nail Shaping

I recently had a request to do a post about shaping nails – how do you decide which shape is best for you? Before I get on with this, I just saw the hunger games today – fricken a-ma-zing. SO GOOD. I’m on team Peeta (just so I can get that out there) only because … Continue reading

Beauty tips from Ancient Egypt

I put up a video for this one so you could check that out by clicking the link below Click Me! If you don’t want to watch the video and would rather read then just continue reading! I’m pretty excited because this is the kickstart to a new segment where I’m going to go over … Continue reading

Oily Skin

Hello beautiful ladies, today I’m going to go over le oily skin. This can be a particularly difficult topic as there is more than one reason skin can become oily or acne prone. Climate or environment, constantly touching your face and hair, using a dirty phone on your face, it can be hereditary; there are … Continue reading

Your Guide to Nails

This is your guide to your nails; a few things that you should know about your nails. I’m going to tell you how to do a mini manicure, how to lighten your nails, what a base coat is for, how to avoid bubbles, and a few random facts. Lets start with your random facts. Fingernails … Continue reading

Color Coordinate to Brown Eyes

I apologize that it has taken me so long to get this post out! Brown is the most popular color and I saved it for last! So let’s get on with eye shadow colors! Brown is a neutral color so honestly every color will go well with brown eyes. Opposite brown on the color wheel … Continue reading

Why I Hate Oil of Olay

Hey guys this is going to be my first video post! I’ll explain why there is a link instead of an actual video on my blog in the video. Let me know how you guys like it! Click Here to Watch! Just in case it doesn’t load or you would rather read I’ll keep a … Continue reading