Lend a Little Love to… Your elbows!

The first of my segment Lend a Little Love to…

Why not start with the elbows! They’re just so darn ignored.

So I’m going to focus on three things; lightening, exfoliating, and hydrating.

To lighten elbows you may read a lot of remedies about how lemons will brighten up the skin on your elbows, however I have found a lot of testimonies saying that they haven’t had any luck wit the lemons.

I’m going to explain to you why elbows become dark before explaining the rest.  Elbows have a lot of flaps of skin that can fold over top of each other causing dirt and dust to be trapped in the folds. This can cause drying, and all the layers of dry skin will appear darker than your regular skin tone. So to lighten your elbows you’re going to want to get rid of those dry skin layers.

So in order to lighten the elbows we’re going to have to do exactly what I was going to tell you about anyways; exfoliating and moisturizing.

Exfoliating: You’re going to want to keep this up about once a week to keep your elbows feeling soft, and avoid darkening. Mix together two tablespoons of salt and one tablespoon of olive oil to create a simple salt scrub. Rub the salt scrub into your elbows for about 30 seconds per side before rinsing them off.

Moisturize: Normally I would say apply your body moisturizer but you’re probably using Aveeno… That dot, dot, dot means stop it. So as a mask you may want to try mashing avocado and applying it to your elbows for about 5 minutes before rinsing. If you have a hydrating facial mask you may also like to use that to apply hydration back into the area. Lastly if you have a REAL body moisturizer from your local spa, you can apply that.

Do these two steps once a week. Keeping up with your at home care is the most important thing. It’s so easy to read a post like this, do this once and then never keep up with it again; you know that’s no good. Your elbows won’t get any better if you only treat them once. Make sure to keep up with the homecare!




2 thoughts on “Lend a Little Love to… Your elbows!

    • The body butters do have Methylparaben and Propylparaben, however, I do find them incredibly conditioning. Other than the two preservatives which are found 13th and 14th in the list of ingredients there really isn’t anything that I can find too wrong with them. I always use the moringa one on my legs so haha, I think it’s an acceptable one ;]

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