Good for you Makeup

This is going to be a post for my favorite makeup line. It is just FANTASTIC and I will let you know exactly why.

This makeup is called Jane Iredale cosmetics; the skin care makeup that is good for your skin. As they like to call it “skin care product with pigment”. This means that they focus on your skin problems and want to work on them instead clouding your skin with comedogenics and talc.

This line is completely talc-free mineral wear. The minerals are bio-engineered in a lab which is good for two reasons: there is no environmental impact due to mining, and there is no trace minerals that accidentally slip in there from sloppy mining. The products are weightless and have very good coverage, which is so intense because the minerals are concentrated pigment. The products are non-comedogenic and oil-free which allows skin to function and breathe normally. The lack of dyes and chemical preservatives allow them to be used on sensitive skin and have little allergy risk. Because the skin care line uses titanium dioxide and zinc oxide the line is also anti-inflammatory, and is good for acne prone skins, rosacea, very red or activated skin.

So lets get into products! Unfortunately I don’t have all of the products, however these are all the things that I have and use.

Pressed Mineral Powder

The pure pressed mineral base is a lightweight powder recommended by the skin cancer foundation because of it’s SPF 20 and talc-free formula. It is a 4 in 1: Foundation, powder, concealer, and SPF. It uses extracts of sea minerals and pomegranate to soothe the skin and work on anti-aging. The pressed base is for normal to oily skin types and lasts for up to 80 minutes in running water. Comes in 24 different shades including global colors.

Pure Pressed Blush

Sorry for the blush being so empty but I just love this stuff. The pure pressed blush is free of chemical dyes and also suitable for eyes and lips. It’s available in 13 different shades and uses pomegranate extract to promote anti-aging.


My hero! Disappear is an oil-free concealer that has insane coverage for pimples, acne scars, rosacea, age spots, the works. It uses green tea extract and vitamin c to soothe and protect the skin. So by putting it on your pimples, it helps cover AND get rid of them! This stuff is so great you can even cover tattoos with it!

Circle Delete

Circle delete is used for covering dark under eye circles. It has green tea extract to soothe the area, however it also has algae to moisturize and prevent water loss. It can be used as a highlighter so that it has two separate purposes.

D2O finishing spray

This is one of the three finishing sprays that help to set minerals and hydrate the skin. It will give the minerals a good natural look as to not get a caked look, however it is a little bit hard to do so with the Jane Iredale minerals. The D20 uses ylang ylang extract to balance the oils in the skin, and chamomile to calm inflammation and reduce dryness, redness and sensitivity.

Cream to Powder Liner

Goes on as a cream and dries to a powder so it won’t crease. It uses beeswax to provide bacterial protection and goes on very pigmented.

Liner Pencil

Mineral based pencil that goes on SOFT, so you don’t have to constantly rub over the same area. You all know how annoying that is!  Has jojoba oil to lubricate the skin and vitamin E to protect.

Eye Shadows

Usually come in singles, however there are sets of duos and triples. Provides crease-free long-wearing shadows, can be used wet or dry, and is highly pigmented. The colors work amazing for all different eye colors.

Lengthening Mascara

Enhances the lashes without lacquers, shellac or petroleum-based ingredients. Conditions and thickens the lashes while moisturizing and curling the lashes. Doesn’t clump and goes on easily. It isn’t waterproof, but for you waterproof lovers just know that they use products similar to tar to keep the product on your lashes. How do you like your waterproof mascara now?! You don’t do you?

PureMoist Lip Color

Comes in 32 different shades. Uses antioxidants to protect the lips and jojoba esters to hydrate the lips. It also leaves a good minty vanilla flavor on your lips rather than that nasty lipstick flavor. You ladies know what I’m talking about..

Thanks for reading, I hope you look into a good makeup line such as Jane!




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