Color Coordinate to Blue

Are you a blue eyed babe? Me too ;]

I figured this would be the easiest one to start with, so why not?!

Lets start with makeup colors, that’s the easiest. When trying to make your eyes “pop” it is best to use colors that are opposite on the color wheel. So for blue, you’re going to want to use warm colors like browns, oranges, bronzes, coppers, golds, and rose colors. Although it does work sometimes, it’s harder to make blue eyes pop when using the color blue as an eye shadow as it drowns out the color and leaves your eyes looking sort of blase.

Copper helps to pop the blue eyes Photo from google

Now if you do want to go with blue on your blue eyes, you just have to be careful to make sure to do a liner around the eye to make SURE to pop the eye rather than drown it out. In the photo below you can lightly see a simple black liner with a cat eye separating the blue from the eye, helping to make the blue pop the blue rather than drown it out. If I could repeat myself a thousand times, I would.

Blue on blue eyes. Photo from google.

Now on to with hair color. Blue eyes are the “ideal” color, so fortunately they go well with all different hair colors. The blonde hair becomes a lightened background that makes the blue eyes stand out with no distractions. The darker brown or black hair colors create a border around the face and the darkness of the hair works as a “eyeliner” for the face. Lastly, red is the opposite of blue, so it works its magic to pop the blue of the eyes.

Red is opposing blue on the color wheel so it naturally boosts the blue of the eyes

Darker hair helps to frame the face and give the blue a border.

Blonde blends back to pop the eyes

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