Top 5 Beauty Tools

I know, I’m going to be one of those people… Everyone seems to have a different opinion about which tools are the most important, so I might as well give you mine.

My number one tool has to be the Jane Iredale flocked sponge which retails around $14. This sponge is latex free and has duo purpose. It works as a magic eraser so to say, and astounds me with the capabilities it has! It erases application errors so simply without using water and ruining the rest of your already applied makeup. Secondly, it works to apply mineral bases for fantastic coverage that will not look caked. This is used best to apply on troubled skin that needs that better, thicker application.

Jane Iredale Flocked Sponge

My number two tool would have to be my eyelash curler. I have very straight eyelashes and without the curler, I would just look ridiculous. I use a Jane Iredale lash curler, however I have been looking into getting a heated curler. As of now, I blowdry the metal of the lash curler to heat it up because it makes the curl last a LOT longer. Make sure when getting an eyelash curler that it has a rubber spot in the actual curling area so it doesn’t cut your lashes.

Jane Iredale Eyelash Curler

My number three tool has to be my tweezers. I love them puppies. I don’t really have to say much about them other than the ones that I use have a longer sharper end so they work fantastic to grasp hairs straight from the base of the shaft near the skin, and they also work extremely well for individual eyelash application.

Tweezers (in case you weren't aware)

My tool  number four is Q-tips. Yeah they count as a tool. They work well for sanitary application and removal, help to remove clumps if you don’t have the proper brush to do so, and they have about a million other uses to them. Q-tips make my life better.

Le trusty Q-tip

My tool number five is bobby pins. Why? Because they, similar to the Q-tips, have a million uses. I use them to hold my hair out of the way while washing my face and doing my makeup application. They are the best for styling hair and I always find those random odd job moments when I need something to help me with my project and a bobby pin suits that. Thank lord for bobby pins.. or Ernest Godward who created the spiral hair pin which was later developed into a bobby pin. His name is godly enough.

Bobby pins!

Now for all of you who are whining about the fact that I didn’t put blow drier or flat iron in my top 5, I’ll let you know why. First of all, I hate flat irons. Your original hair is what you are supposed to have, and it is what suits you the best. Why change that? I find that when your hair isn’t originally straight there is no point to straighten it because it just looks off, and if your hair is straight and you straighten it, you’re just frying it. So bad for your poor hair. Secondly, I didn’t put a blow drier up for basically the same reason. It fries your hair and I believe when you let your hair dry naturally it is the most beautiful and the most you. No point trying to change how you are! And no point purposefully giving yourself fried hair and split ends.



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