Keep your Used Coffee Grounds!

Make your fresh pot of coffee in the morning, but instead of tossing those grounds in the compost pop them in a jar to use for later because I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Got that pesky cellulite? Of course you do, every woman does. Keep a jar of coffee grounds in the shower and rub them over your troubled spots every time you shower. The stimulating abilities of the coffee grounds will help to break down fat deposits that build up to produce your cellulite.

Secondly you can use coarse coffee grounds as a simple body scrub. Again, put your leftovers in a jar, but mix them with some olive oil from your kitchen. If you have it available, mix with jojoba or mineral oil instead. The abrasiveness of the coffee with the hydrating abilities of the oil will leave your skin feeling unbelievably soft. Do about once a week for upkeep.

Coffee itself can also be used to darken the color of your skin in those annoying winter months. I know that tanning is either not an option because of the ridiculous costs, or you are actually educated about how bad the booths are for you. Take a cup of coffee and dab it over your skin and leave on for about half an hour. That’s it! Obviously it’s not going to be some amazing perfect tan in one application, but over time the coffee will soak into your skin and stain giving you a natural bronzed color.

Lastly, rub coffee grounds through your hair in the shower to add shine and soften the hair.

Hopefully you enjoy these, coffee isn’t for just waking yourself up anymore!




2 thoughts on “Keep your Used Coffee Grounds!

  1. That is such a good point about cellulite breakdown! I’ve noticed that a ton of skin-firming products contain caffeine. Thanks for the fab tip! 😀

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