Vancouver Spa Show Reviews

As promised on Wednesday!

This year the spa show was not as exciting as I had expected. I found that there were’t as many samples as I would have liked to see, however there were a fair amount of booths selling all their different wares to choose from.

The three of us (my two co-workers and I) made about four loops around the convention center with our given time and I’m going to point out my favorite booths, and some that probably need a bit more help..

Lets start with the top 3 booths this year. The one booth that I found absolutely bumping the whole time that I was there was Modern Basics Distributors. This booth had a huge selection of brushes and makeup at insanely low prices that even I got overwhelmed. I even bought a talc based blush and that never happens, but it was only $3 so I’m not too upset about it. I bought myself four brushes that I feel had quality for only $8. Prices were just insane! This was definitely one of my favorite booths even though the quality wasn’t astounding, their prices were so overwhelmingly low that I went crazy.

Secondly the Niko Cosmetics booth was pretty impressive. Not only was Niko himself there, but the eye shadows were on for $5 each, and that is a talc free, organic company. I’m still kicking myself in the butt for not picking one up! The girls that were helping out at this booth were dressed up as little fairies with the Niko makeup on to show the amount of pigment. The booth was really well lit up and they were offering to do people’s makeup application for them.

Lastly I’m going to say that the Red Ginger Cosmetics were pretty great. They had these beautiful pallets available for really cheap, however I have a whole entire story about why this company is in my top 3. One of my co-workers and myself bought pallets of neutral browns and taupe colors. While on the ferry on the way home, we opened our pallets and they were the WRONG ones. Instead of our browns and coppers, we found blues and greens. Well I have blue eyes and that just will not work for me. So as soon as I got home I emailed the company telling them what had happened and I was so unhappy about it. I got an email back within a few hours telling me they were so sorry and they would ship one direct to my house  right away. Talk about service! Not to mention they’re letting me keep the mistake pallet as well! I was very impressed with this company that is for sure.

Now lets go to the least favorite; the 3 duds of the spa show.

I’m going to say my first negative review is going to go to Jane Iredale, and I think it’s because I had high hopes for their station. Not only were they not selling products, but I found that it was extremely awkward going up to the booth. I talked to Ruben at the booth about a couple products and the whole time I felt like he was thinking “what is this girl even doing here”. It was completely awkward. I had a whole list of things I wanted to buy! And the products that I believe they were selling, they had zero discount. That is not spa show material Jane, what’s going on?!

Secondly I’m going to say eminence, although I’m not sure if this is a fair review or not. The booth was really busy the whole time that I was at the spa show, however there was about 7 girls behind the counter to help out. I waited a good 12 minutes before someone even batted and eye at me. When they finally got to me, they gave me a giant form to fill out to choose my products; I only wanted one! So I fill in the sheet with my information and the product that I wanted, which they failed to put the correct price on the sheet, and finally got a lady to take my order form. She gave me my mask in a huge bag and accidentally ripped my whole receipt in half. I understand you ladies are busy, but in this industry you can’t be cut throat to your clientele. Not only that but their sales prices weren’t very good, my mask was $20, regular $26. I suppose it’s a fair review.

Lastly I’m putting this booth up because they  bamboozled me. Happy feet is an american company that sells inserts for your shoes. Now I admit after walking around in boots with a 2 1/2 inch heel all day, my feet friggen hurt! So this man schmoozes you over  and he gets you to stand and hold your hands together with your arms straight down in front of you. He then leans a fair amount of pressure on you and you fall over. Then he puts the inserts in your shoes and tries again. This time you’re able to completely keep your balance. Now I was utterly amazed and they felt fantastic so I said “you know what, I want these.” $40 a pair. So I get a pair and he gives me THREE cards for free pairs online. Now I’m pumped! I get four pairs for $40, that means $10 a pair! So I feel like I just got the best deal ever! So I get home and go online to order my free pairs of inserts, and found that not only are all the promo codes the same, but they would have to be ordered separately anyways, and each “free” pair is $9 for shipping and handling. Great. I got totally shmoozed.

Anyways, that was the spa show for me! Thanks for reading!




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