Lend a Little Love to… Your Under Eye Circles!

I really like this segment I have a lot of fun with it!

Lets get on to those damn dark circles. I’m going to give you five steps to this.

Step one: Get adequate sleep. Yeah I hear you out there saying “I do but there still there, this is just stupid.” Well you know what? You most likely don’t. Remember that night four nights ago where you stayed up until 1 am and then got up at 7:30 am? That was just one day though… It doesn’t matter.. No it does. You need to catch up on your sleep! If you had a night like this, you need to get a bit of extra sleep the next night to get caught up, or else you are always behind. That is a truth!

Step two: Now I’m not so sure about this step, however I read it on www.webmd.com, a website with oodles of information about health and your body. Apparently, if you prop yourself up on a higher pillow overnight it will help to create drainage from the puffiness and circles to lessen the unsightliness of it all. I’m not positive about this step as I’ve never tried it before, but as long as you’re comfortable with your head propped a bit higher, why not give it a shot.

Step three: I know that you’re probably using some sort of concealer to cover up your dark circles, however this can cause drying to the area depending on the concealer. Jane Iredale Cosmetics has a product called “Circle Delete” which conceals under eye circles and can help to heal them using specific ingredients. There are a couple different sets of colors so you can find which ever conceals best for you.

Step four: USE A DAMN EYE CREAM. Hydration in the under eye area is so important. This will help to prevent aging by plumping the cells to reduce signs of wrinkles. DAMN STRAIGHT. This will hydrate the area and help with your under eye circles, let me say one more time about how important hydration is, especially in the eye area. There are many special eye creams available as well. Phytomer carries Regard Delicieux; an eye cream that uses seawhite which reduces melanin formation and stimulates the elimination of existing melanin in the eye area. This will illuminate the area and take the darkness away all while hydrating.

Step five: Potato slices. Yep! Potato slices use high amounts of potassium that helps to brighten the area, they’re very relaxing and would be best applied mid-facial while your masking at home. Super simple, super quick, super cheap. Pop them on them babies!

Hopefully your eyes lighten up a bit, and hopefully you start using an eye cream so you can continue to look youthful all the way until your late 40’s, possibly even later.




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