Color Coordinate to Green

Aw yeah, green eyes. The rarest of the bunch.

Lets start with eye shadow color. Again we’re going to focus on opposites on the color wheel. Opposite green on the color wheel is red and purple. This doesn’t mean smother your gorgeous green eyes with blood red pigment, no way Jose! This isn’t Halloween daily! Subtle hues of reds including pinks and oranges work just as well to create a large enough contrast with the green eyes to compliment the color. Again, purple can be a very bold color to use on the eyes, I can understand that, but purple can be a really fun color to use and it can even be simple and elegant. It doesn’t need to be a vibrant, neon purple, even very subtle shades work well.

Subtle purple for green eyes. I'm sorry that I had to use Miley Cyrus for this.

Vibrant purple to really pop the green in the eye

Red really contrasts with green creating a bold green eye.

Next we want to see how green fits with hair colors. So as you may know, one of the most famous National Geographic photos is of a woman with green eyes, and is possibly one of the most striking and powerful photos ever taken. It is definitely one of the most popular photos to date. The woman in this photo has darker hair which works well to again, create a border to the skin. It works as an outward liner. However, in this photo she is also wearing a terracotta colored burka which also helps to pump up the color of the eyes.

National Geographic photo representing contrast between dark hair and green eyes.

Next we’ll look at red hair. I shouldn’t even need to say it as it is one of the colors for eye shadow; red compliments green very well and will for sure help to boost the appearance of green eyes. Haven’t you ever noticed that all leprechauns have green eyes and red hair? And both always seem so vibrant right? Well duh, because they’re fricken magical. But seriously, green eyes look fantastic with red hair.

Red hair compliments green eyes

Lastly we’ll go over blonde. Now I don’t know if this is a personal opinion thing, or just that I couldn’t find any great pictures, but I don’t find blonde a great color for green eyes. Since it is extremely rare to find green eyes that are actually intense, deep, dark green the blonde hair tends to drown out the green eyes. Unless you work very hard with your makeup to have your eyes stand out, I find that green eyes will sink away into the blonde hair and you will look a bit washed out. If you think otherwise then that is totally your opinion, however I am just not seeing a fantastic pop of eyes in this particular photo.

The blonde tends to wash out the green

Hope you enjoyed.




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