Lend a Little Love to… Your feet!

Your feet get you everywhere, so why not give them a little respect? You should treat your feet to a pedicure once a month to keep your feet feeling and looking good. However I understand that there is a large portion of you who do not want to pay $45 plus a month on your feet, and you have busy schedules! Lets do some do it yourself.

One thing you want to focus on is your callouses. There’s a few tools you can use to work on your callouses. The majority of people (including myself) would get a foot file. There are wooden, crystal or metal files. The wooden files are most popular and work very well as long as you make sure to clean them, although that’s the same with all tools. The metal and crystal ones work very well, however they’re a bit more expensive. You could pick up a wood file for about $5 at walmart, the metal ones can be around $70 depending on the brand. A rasp is a bit more coarse than a file and work best for a thicker callous. However rasps are easy to lose control and take away too much callous at once, so these are used by professionals.

Foot File and Rasp

Now lets talk about the actual filing of the feet. Make sure that if you have larger callouses NOT to file them down completely the first time. This is dangerous! File in areas will callous build up only such as the heels, balls of the feet, the side of the big toe and the outside of the foot. This whole area is known as the footprint. Makes sense right? Only file for 5 minutes on each foot a day TOPS. anything more than that would be too much.

Now what is the point to taking down callouses? Well first of all it will make your feet baby soft. No one likes to snuggle up to rough feet mcgee. Secondly callouses are unsightly and uncomfortable, so why on earth would you even want them anyways?

Lets move on.

Now we want to focus on keeping your nails short, but not TOO short. So I’m going to show you that sweet spot. You want to get yourself some nail clippers (OBV!) and a nail file. Nail files are like two bucks and clippers can be just as cheap. So you want to clip your nails and then file/bevel. File is the coarse side, bevel is the less coarse side.

Nail File

When filing you want to file from the outside to the center, and  not see-saw back and forth. Why? Because that makes the nails more liable to split and crack, creating brittleness. Now you want your nails to be STRAIGHT ACROSS instead of rounded. Again, you want to know why don’t you? When your nails dip down on the sides, they are more likely to cause ingrown toenails, and that shit hurts. When filing you want to file down short so your nails don’t jab into your shoes, I know that, but you don’t want to file them so short they hurt. So you want to file so you can still see a small amount of the free edge.

Lastly, we want to focus on your cuticles. You’re going to want to push them back at least once a month. You can push your cuticles back with so many things it’s nuts, but you want to make sure that it is clean, that’s the numero uno. Professionals use orange wood/birch wood sticks, plastic or metal pushers.

orange wood stick and plastic pusher

Keep your cuticles pushed back to allow your nails to breathe. The eponichium is a skin that grows under the cuticle but over the nail and can sometimes grow so far up the nail that it just drowns the air out of the nail. Also, keeping your cuticles pushed back is important to how your feet look, it just looks so much nicer. After pushing your cuticles you’re going to want to apply a cuticle oil. OPI has Avoplex and SpaRitual has cuti-coctail, which both smell so incredibly wonderful. They can be anywhere from $10-20 depending on where you buy them, however at home you can use a nice olive oil. It doesn’t smell as good or work as good but it still hydrates the cuticles.

So those are the three main parts tho a pedicure. Skip out the massage, scrub, foot lotion, polish, cuticle trimming and relaxing ambiance and you have yourself a pedicure.

Hope you pamper your feet more often!




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