Top 10 Lifestyle Changes for Better Beauty in You

That’s right, beauty is a damn chore. You can’t just wash your face once a week with soap and expect to look nice. Smother on some covergirl and think “I’ll be young forever!”. There is no friggen way.

Before we start though, I just want to say I am so friggen excited for the Hunger Games to come out in theaters, only 9 days away! I read the whole series and just devoured it. For those of you who haven’t seen the trailer, here you go, get pumped because it’s going to be good!

Hunger Games comes out March 23rd

So anyways, lets go through the TOP 10 LIFESTYLE CHANGES that you should make to up your beauty.


Drink more water. At least eight glasses a day. AT LEAST. That means no less than. Why? This will help with so many things my friends. Water helps to lubricate your inner systems, help keep your skin looking fresh, detoxify our system, keep our joints healthy, help us to absorb minerals and vitamins easier, stimulate brain activity etc, etc. You can read a bit more on this on my post titled “The importance of water” . Make sure to take a water bottle with you if you are going out, or keep a large glass or bottle near you at all times. I tell you I get made fun of when my friends come over but I got this puppy for $4 at winners and it is one of my favorite things; my mug. Holds around 3 regular glasses of water.

My mug!


Get yourself a good skin care line and stick to it. This means go to a professional and get a skin care line that is right for your skin. It’s always fun to kick start this with a facial where your aesthetician can recommend products for your skin, and educate you on the importance, benefits and ingredients of each and why they work. That’s what I do at least… (Feel free to book in for a facial with me at the Kingfisher Resort and Spa, just ask for Jade) Following a good skin care line is a fantastic idea because it will not only benefit your skin for now, but for the future as well. When you’re 50 you don’t want to be kicking yourself in the butt thinking “why didn’t I use something to stop all these wrinkles from coming?!” Make sure to go in and talk to your skin care specialist at least once a year to make sure that your skin is still benefiting from the skin care products you are using. Ideally you would want to go in for a facial at least three to four times a year, however I understand that isn’t in your budget so make sure to give yourself a couple days a year to pamper yourself.

My mish-mash skin care product line


Get yourself some skin care makeup, keep your brushes clean, and make sure to always keep your makeup supply fresh. Try a makeup line like Jane Iredale or Niko Cosmetics which is going to be beneficial to your skin as well as good looking. Always keep your applicators and brushes clean as bacteria can build up and cause irritation to the skin and blemishes. And lastly, you want to make sure your makeup is always fresh. If you got your mascara a year ago, honey ditch that shit.

Mascara: throw out after 3 months

Liquid foundation and concealer: 12 months

Lipstick: 1 year (These can especially last long if you apply with a brush and clean your brush after each use.)

Eye and lip pencils: Can be kept up to 2 years if you sharpen after each use (to remove the layer that has touched your eye or lip) and make sure to keep your sharpener clean as well

Powder foundation and blush: 2 years, again if you use sanitary application practices

Eye shadows: 2 years for powdered eye shadows, 1 year for creme shadows. Make sure to apply with clean brushes.


Wear sunscreen DAILY. I don’t care if it’s raining or cloudy! Do you think the sun rests? I know for a fact it does not have a bed to lay down in if it is raining outside. SPF helps to prevent SUNSPOTS, which are commonly referred to as age spots, WRINKLES AND FINE LINES, and of course it helps to prevent skin related problems such as cancer. Ideally it would be best to use SPF30 daily, and get a nicer one. Again many spas carry a UV protecting agent as you wouldn’t necessarily want to be spreading Coppertone on your face daily. In time for summer I will have a post about which sunscreens are good and bad to use for your skin so look out for that one!


Enjoy nature and get outdoors more. The fresh air and simple exercise is fantastic for the body. Sitting indoors can sometimes get stagnant, and your body can feel bored with it even if your mind does not. Getting outdoors is not only refreshing but it gives you that boost of energy that will keep you feeling youthful, which is one thousand times better than looking youthful. A fantastic place to go is near the ocean as the salt water breeze is good for your hair and your skin and will give you a bit of a glow without even doing anything. Ever wonder why they’re called beach babes? They got that natural glow.

Give yourself some outdoor time and adventure days!


Create a plan and stick with it when it comes to exercise, weight watching, and proper diet. If you find you need to shed a few pounds, spend half an hour with yourself to write down WHY you want to loose the weight and what you’re going to do about it. Be brutally honest about it too. It may sound silly, but when you have it out in words, make sure it is somewhere that you can see it every day. This little piece of paper will inspire you so that you won’t forget your goals. Pick 3 days a week to make your exercise days and give yourself a big list of activities to do; swimming, biking, walking, yoga, a do it yourself DVD from walmart, join a class for your spare time. It’s best to do this with a buddy to support each other and encourage each other to work harder. If the other person says “hey let’s go for a hike today” you bet your ass you say yes every time because you want them to be able to achieve their goals too. Once you’re happy with your body and yourself, you’ll be a happier person in general and people can see that. It’s a natural glow you just can’t fake.

Something that can help you achieve your goals is a fitness log. I just started to do this and already I’m really enjoying it. When working out, keep record of everything you are doing; the exercise, reps, weight, and even how you felt after each (sometimes that can be a bit much I don’t usually track that). This was you can see how much you are improving and if you’re having an off day and feel like nothing has changed, compare your most recent entry to your first entry.

My fitness log!


Drop the caffeine addiction, for multiple reasons. First of all, if you’re  buying coffee at Tim Horten’s or Starbucks every day, that’s around $2 a day at least. That’s at least $720 a year. Not to mention that buying bags of coffee at the store is still expensive. About $12 a bag, you buy it once every week, that’s around $624 a year. So financially it’s insane, not to mention not too great for you. Coffee dehydrates the skin, which you should know by now causes aging. Secondly caffeine causes emotional and physical fatigue; it wakes up the body, but fails to tell the body when to rest. This means that the body doesn’t get the rest is it asking for which will lead to physical and emotional fatigue. This runs your body down and eventually you will start to see the signs of fatigue and aging, earlier than you should have. So cut down, and eventually cure your addiction!

Cancel the coffee order


Give yourself a day to relax. De-stressing is often put aside in our agendas, but it’s so important. Stress wears down on us emotionally and physically, and it actually acts like a toxin on our system. This is why when you’re too stressed you get headaches or breakouts or back pains; stress is a toxin. So book yourself one day a month at least (if possible give yourself once a week!) to sit back in your pj’s, pop on a face mask, watch a funny movie, cuddle up to your warm buddy and have a bubble bath. Give yourself time to de-stress and time to tell yourself “this issue I have been worrying about, it really isn’t so bad”. Unless you killed someone, then you should probably be packing and moving continents.


Drink tea. It may sound like a small step but teas are full of antioxidants that fight off free radicals which can be skin damaging. Tea is believed to be one of the things that particular Asian cultures use to elongate their lives. It’s always good to look up benefits of particular teas and see which ones you would achieve the best results from.

Green Tea: reduces the risk of cancer, lowers cholesterol levels, stimulates immune function, and some studies show that green tea boosts metabolism to help burn fat.

Peppermint tea: eases nausea, fights stress, controls mild asthma and flatulence,  reduces heartburn and improves digestion.

Chamomile tea: Helps you sleep, is completely soothing and can help with things like eczema and psoriasis when applied topically as well as internally, soothes the stomach, helps when you’re sick and also helps with menstrual cramps.

Earl Gray: full of antioxidants, helps with digestion, fights tooth decay and helps soothe depression and anxiety.


Get adequate sleep. This is really important to your appearance whether you like to believe it or not. While sleeping your body rejuvenates and heals. This means for those of you with acne problems, those are healing. This means for those of you will deep, dark under eye circles they are healing. For those of you with dry skin, your skin is healing and making you look fresh and healthy. Sleep is a time of relaxation where your headache goes away and your stresses aren’t bothering you. If you have troubles sleeping try a sleepy time caffeine free tea before bed, or lay in your bed relaxing each muscle one at a time. Count your breaths in and out. If you’re finding you’re having trouble going to sleep you are too wound up (obviously). During the day try and get some more exercise in (not within 2 hours before bed) to help your body to slow down by the end of the day. I used to swim every morning before school and I have never slept better! A lot of fitness centers open pretty darn early for seniors and those who want to exercise before work in the morning. If you find that you don’t want any fitness in your life (bad choice) try to get up and get moving during the day. Have an office job? Take the stairs, move around as much as you possibly can, exhaust your body by the end of the day. Well don’t exhaust it that’s a bit much, but wear yourself down. You have a body to use it, don’t keep yourself stationary!

Alrighty ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. 10 lifestyle changes to better the beauty in you.




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