Ladies Night!

This is the first of my ladies night segment!!! How fun is that?


Before I start I just want to say again, sorry for no posts yesterday I spend the whole day in the West Edmonton Mall and was literally out of the house from 9 am to 1 am. Super long day but so much fun!


So anyways, get an intimate group of ladies together and lets have fun. Before your friends get over, make sure to set the mood of the room. I don’t mean make the place feel sexual, just relaxing. Candles set a nice mood to the room, dim lighting, relaxing music, maybe a movie playing. Ambiance is always fun.

Make some snacks like a veggie platter with some fancy looking drinks in nice glasses to create an elegant pampering feel to the room. It’s always best to opt out of chips and pop especially when thinking about doing a good for you night. As long as you make snacks that are hand food there’s really no big problem with it; most of the time people just want to grab and chew.

So tonight you ladies are going to be doing pedis, they’re probably the most fun in the end to do with a group of girls. You may want to skip out the foot filing when with a group of friends only because of all the shedding skin it can be a little bit gross but that’s completely up to you.

Set up a table of tools, make sure to have one set of tools for each of you so that you’re not cross-contaminating! You may want nail files, cuticle pushers, foot files, and then your top and base coat, and a selection of polish colors. You may also want to put out some polish remover and cotton balls and have a little garbage available. Give each lady a towel for their own uses. If you have products such as cuticle oil, foot cream and leg cream you bet your bottom dollar those ladies will love you for sharing!

So get yourself a few chair and cover them with pillows or nice looking towels, just to get them looking a little bit nice. You can prop these up in front of your tv so that you girls can watch a chick flick or a good show while you’re doing this. I’d have to recommend gossip girl if you’re going for a show. Love it.

Alright so in front of your little chairs put out a few basins of hot water for you and your ladies to soak your feet in. In the water you may want to add some bath salts or some soaps in order to make it foamy and smell nice, and it’s always fun to have different things in there. SpaRitual has a great little tub of bath salts that comes in five different scents; frankincense, jasmine, ginger, eucalyptus and geranium, Ghewol has a really set of bath salts as well. Either way, make sure these bowls are at a comfortable temperature and soak your feet.

Now you’re going to want to dry your feet off and file your nails. It does seem sort of odd to file your toenails but it makes it so that there is no snags, rough edges or jagged bits. Always file toenails so that they are straight across to avoid ingrown toenails.

After filing, push your cuticles back with the pusher of your choice; plastic pushers, metal pushers, or wooden ones. I’m sure you can easily find some wooden sticks at walmart. After your cuticles are pushed back you’re going to want to work on callouses, however this is optional because it can be messy.

Once you’re done filing your feet or pushing your cuticles back if you chose to opt out of filing, you’re going to put on your foot cream and your leg moisturizer, then we’re going to do the polishing. Before you polish though it’s important to neutralize the nail. This step is commonly forgotten and it’s important to a long lasting polish application. To neutralize the nail you’re going to need to remove all the oils, so all that cream you just got on your nail, you’re going to want it off! Put a good splash of polish remover on a cotton ball or pad or even a folded up tissue and rub it all over your nails, making sure that there isn’t any shine on the nail or in the corners of the nail. Be very thorough with this! After your neutralize your nail, it’s time to polish. Apply a base coat, then the first layer of your polish. Wait a couple minutes before applying the second coat. If you’re watching a movie try and wait about 20 minutes for the first layer to dry all the way through before applying your next layer. You could again wait another 15 to 20 minutes for that layer to dry before applying your top coat or just go right ahead with the top coat. Either way it will take the same amount of time in total for your nails to dry. If you wait between coats though you won’t be as tempted to get up and go around where as if you’re completely done your polish application you’ll feel completely done and have that “oh well I can walk around and do whatever” mood. Just make sure to be careful!

There you go, that’s your ladies pedi night!


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