How to Strengthen your Nails

This is a common problem especially when everyone is trying gel and acrylic nails.

First off there’s a few products you may want to try before you try natural remedies. I find that Nail Envy works for about 60% of people I talk to. It will either strengthen your nails really well, or it won’t do jack shit. So it’s a bit of a gamble. It’s the same with SpaRitual Nail Fortifier, and China Glaze has a nail strengthener as well.

SpaRitual Nail Fortifier

So it’s always a good idea to try the nail strengtheners because they may work out for you, and thus far these are the only ways to take brittle or weak nails and make them strong again using a product.

There is also a suppliment that I had tried for a little while – I had never had brittle nails and I just took it because it was available, and I found my nails grew not only stronger but quicker as well. It’s a suppliment called “Hair and Nails” by Nature’s Bounty. It comes in a green bottle with an orange label and is formulated with 28 ingredients to help your hair and nails grow stronger and more beautiful. It took me only one or two weeks to notice a difference, however like I had said I didn’t have any nail problems to begin with.

Next there are some things that you want to avoid in every day life which may add to your brittleness. Make sure when you’re washing the dishes to always wear gloves. The dish water is very rough on your skin and your nails. The water will actually dry out and weaken your nails, while cleaning chemicals (this goes for dish soap as well as household cleaners) make soak in and cause brittleness. It’s always a good idea to wear gloves when using chemicals.

Cover up and keep those chemicals out!

You’re also going to want to be smarter with your nails – use tools when you’re trying to accomplish most tasks rather than your fingernails. Can’t crack open your pop can? You shouldn’t be drinking pop first of all but anyways it can cause your nail to break, peel, split… It’s no good. Try using a butter knife or something else rather than jamming your nail underneath that cap. There’s always other tools available to use. If there’s really nothing else to use get your friend to open it – better her than you right ;]

If you wear nail polish all the time try to take a break for a while. The lack of oxygen to a nail causes it to wear down and all the chemicals can cause brittleness – the polish and the polish remover you use from switching up your color. If you get a chip in your polish and you want to redo that nail, try doing just a small touch up instead of soaking your nail in polish remover then applying a more polish right after – the remover is a lot more harsh then just a bit more polish. On a side note, don’t pick your nail polish off as it has adhered to your nail; it is so rough on your nail to pick off the bits. This will cause peeling like in the picture below.

This is what happens when you use too much polish remover!

Also make sure to use your base coat as it is a nail protector! (something about nail protector doesn’t sound right but apparently protectant isn’t a word.)

You don’t want to dehydrate your nails so make sure to get yourself a nice cuticle oil – yes it’s good for your nail too. Try OPI Avoplex cuticle oil or SpaRitual cuti-coctail. Personally I like the build of the cuti-cocktail pen but both have good oils. When nails dry out they tend to crack and become more brittle, so you’re going to want to keep those talons hydrated! Another good one is to slather on a rich hand balm (Like SpaRitual Handprint, or sometimes I use foot creams like Ghewol Blue or SpaRitual SoleMate) and then put on a pair of cotton gloves and sleep in them. The same thing can be done for dry feet if you wear socks to bed. The gloves/socks hold in the hydration so that you don’t rub the moisturizer over your face, hair or blankets while you’re sleeping and allows it to penetrate deeply. You’ll wake up and your hands and feet will be nice and soft and hydrated.

The magical cuti-cocktail pen

Hopefully you change up a few things and your nails start to toughen up. Let me know what you ladies think and if you have anything that you do to help with your nails!



Ps. Tomorrow (hopefully) I will be adding my first video post so be prepared for that! Come back and see how it goes!


2 thoughts on “How to Strengthen your Nails

  1. I’ve tried nail strengtheners and I must be part of the 40% of people for whom that does not work. I was all gung ho for taking the supplements but they tasted HORRIBLE (I assume it’s all the B-vitamins). Did the Nature’s Bounty have a bad taste or was it tolerable? I try to take good care of my nails but they’re ALWAYS polished so maybe they could use a break 🙂

    • They’re in capsules so you don’t taste anything unless you rip them apart and chew them haha. So no flavor – if any at all it tastes sort of earthy like grass but that’s only slight. Let your nails breathe!!! It should help a bit!

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