Nail Shaping

I recently had a request to do a post about shaping nails – how do you decide which shape is best for you?

Before I get on with this, I just saw the hunger games today – fricken a-ma-zing. SO GOOD. I’m on team Peeta (just so I can get that out there) only because Gale is just not there in that situation and he’s more like a brother. Duh!

Anyways, I’m going to give you some pointers to help you decide which nail shape to choose. So there are generally four nail shapes: square, squoval, oval and round. Today I’m going to put square and squoval in the same category because they’re so similar anyways. I’m not going to go over pointed because the only person who should have pointed nails is the tiger man…

So I’m going to start off with oval nails. Oval nails are the best choice if you have shorter fingers as the oval helps to elongate the look of your fingers. It also helps to make your hands look more delicate and feminine – so if you tend to have “man hands” this may be the choice for you. Also, if you have wider nails it will help to prevent your fingers from looking like toes, as toenails are generally straight across. If you find any of this offensive you need to take a class on “how to take it”.

Oval Nails

Next I’m going to go over the square or squoval nail. This is the strongest of the nail shapes so right away if your nails are weak I would recommend this shape for you. If you have shorter fingers I would not recommend this shape as much as it seems to cut off bluntly when nails are short especially. I find that squoval nails look the most natural to me and have become somewhat popular these days where as oval used to be the big deal. Square nails typically look clean and work well on longer fingers.

Square/squoval nails

Lastly is round nails. Rounded nails are shorter because as they grow out they become more oval – it’s impossible to have a long round nail. This is a good look for shorter nails and generally works for all hands no matter what length your finger is. If you have wider nails you may want to stick to a rounded shape as the squared look can make your fingers look like toes – no one wants to look like a monkey.

Round nails

Honestly it’s all up to personal preference. If you have short fingers with wide nails and you square them off and they look good, then they look good! These are just some things that I’ve noticed over time and if I could generalize the ideal nail to finger, this is how I would do it. Gosh, get off my case!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed.




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