Sensitive Skin

I know I just did oily skin, but I decided to just pop out another post on sensitives skin. This is referring to anyone who’s skin reacts to products or is reddened easily or usually. Sensitive skin can be a difficult thing because even the soothing products that we use may not have the effect that we want. If you find that the products you are using cause a further reaction, I think that you would have the brains to stop using that product but in case you didn’t think of it… stop.

Sensitive skin can be caused by quite a few things although you can also just be born with it; sun damage, over exfoliation, using improper products, pregnancy (sometimes rosacea occurs) improper diet (alcohol and smoking) etc.

So I’m going to start the sensitive skin care routine the same way I start off each one; with a facial. Head on down to your local spa and talk to your esthetician about the product line there. Ask how the sensitive line works with clients and if they trust that line. Get yourself a facial with the products, but instead of buying the products right there I would recommend that you wait a day to see how your skin reacts. If the next morning your skin is feeling fine then I would suggest you go purchase those products. Now if you had to narrow it down to three I would suggest a mask, a moisturizer and a toner. A toner because it will remove the oils and impurities from your skin, a mask because it’s the quickest and best way to calm the skin, and a moisturizer because we don’t want your red skin to get dry.

Before we go on to our DIY facial, I’m going to remind you to try and go for all the organic ingredients you can as you especially don’t want to be smothering your skin with preservatives – it will possibly cause irritation!

So we’re going to start with a cleanser, like I’ve pointed out before it’s difficult to make a homemade cleanser that isn’t an exfoliant so I would suggest getting yourself a nice cleanser at a spa (I know I didn’t put this in your three products to buy but if you don’t wear makeup it’s alright to skip the cleanser if you have a nice toner. However if you do wear a lot of makeup then I would really suggest getting yourself a makeup remover and a cleanser). You’re going to want to use a cleanser every morning and night to keep skin clean of impurities and oils that may cause sensitivity to your skin.

Next we’re going to apply your toner. Now instead of a rice water toner I’m going to suggest something just as simple – green tea. The antioxidants found in green tea are soothing and protecting against free-radicals that can occur due to sun damage, pollution, toxins etc. Green tea is healing for the skin and also anti-inflammatory. So just steep yourself some green tea and let it cool – it can last for a few days if you make yourself a small bottle – as long as it smells like green tea still ;]. So just splash some green tea over your skin and you’re ready to go! You’re going to want to use a toner every day after you cleanse your skin to make sure that your pH is balanced and make sure that the oils and extra cleanser is all washed off.

After your first toner you’re going to want to apply an exfoliant. Because we don’t want to rough up your skin I would definitely recommend a chemical exfoliant. Using a mechanical exfoliant is easy to get out of control and scrub too hard, where as a chemical exfoliant will work the dead skin cells off but is easier to control. So if you got yourself an exfoliant at the spa use as directed. If you didn’t then lets DIY. It sounds strange, but apply organic, full fat, plain greek yogurt. The yogurt has lactic acid which will naturally exfoliate dead skin cells to smooth out the texture. Not only will it remove dead skin cells but it is also antibacterial and anti-fungal as well as hydrating. It’s just fantastic okay? So apply a good layer of yogurt on your skin and wait anywhere from 5-10 minutes; the longer you wait the better the results. Exfoliate one to two times a week to keep skin fresh and clear.

Now you’re going to want to apply your toner again! Whip that green tea back out ladies!

And now the meat of the facial, the mask. Again, if you purchased a mask from your skin care specialist – use as directed. If you’re going to DIY again then keep reading! I’m going to suggest two masks for you; an oatmeal/honey mask and an avocado mask.

First is the avocado mask – this is for sensitive skin that is not prone to break outs. So if your skin is sensitive and breaks out every so often I would try the other mask. For this mask mash together one ripe avocado, 1 tablespoon of honey and a little aloe vera gel. This mask is not only soothing from the avocado and aloe, but it is also intensely hydrating. Leave this mask on for 15 minutes before washing off.

Next mask is for dry or oily sensitive skins – the oatmeal honey mask. This is a personal favorite for me as it makes your skin look so healthy when you remove it. Blend some oatmeal in a food processor so that it is as close to powder as you can get it – honestly it will work if the oatmeal is in it’s usual form it would just look gross and go on awkwardly. So basically just make yourself some oatmeal – pour a bit of boiling water in until it is a thick paste. Once you get your paste pour a good dollop of honey in there and mix it until it thins out a bit. If you find that your mask is still really thick and you’d rather apply a bit thinner of a mask try adding a bit of chamomile tea to the situation to thin it out. Leave this mask on for 15+ minutes. The oats are very soothing as well as chamomile tea, and the honey hydrates and holds in moisture as well as calms the skin.

Make sure to try a mask one to two times a week to keep your skin fresh and glowing!

Don’t forget to apply your toner now! Splash that green tea all up in your business!

Lastly we’re going to apply a moisturizer. I would really suggest getting a specialized moisturizer as there isn’t much that I can tell you to put on your face and leave on your face to soak in without ever rinsing off – like a moisturizer. For reddened skin I would definitely recommend Phytomer’s velvety soothing cream – super rich in marine ingredients that take the irritation away right away and dull redness by the next day for sure (if you put it on before bed you won’t wake up with super red skin). It also helps to protect against pollution and environmental toxins. This is so far my favorite moisturizer that I’ve seen for sensitive skin! Let me know if you have any favorites!

I hope that this helps with any redness and irritation to the skin, let me know how everything goes and if you have any questions.

I’ll hopefully be able to post a video log again soon, I really enjoyed doing the other two! And let me know if you have any ideas for any posts you’d like to see or any questions you would like answered.




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