Spring into Beauty: Day One – De-clutter your closet!

This segment is completely inspired by an article I read on  Elle Magazine’s website which you can visit here. I stumbled upon this the other day and thought it would be super fun. I’m really interested to see how you guys do and if you are up to the challenge (actually doing all these things!)

So today is day one on spring cleaning our beauty habits. I feel like I’m going to try my best to do all the days and I’ll keep you posted!

Day one I have actually recently done. Day one you want to de-clutter your closet. This one is such a problem for so many people I know. It’s so easy to hang on to those clothes that you’ll “wear one day I swear!” but that is how things pile up. Soon enough you have a closet full of those things you never actually wear and a small section that you do wear. If you have a hard time choosing, make sure to keep yourself some staples – summer shorts, opaque tights, sweat pants, jeans, blazer, and your little black dress. Always keep plains rather than patterns because they’re very simple to mix and match with other things.

As for organizing lets work bottom to top, pipi longstocking would be disappointed but it’s okay she never really had her wardrobe together anyways.

Lets start at the bottom: the shoes. First I’m going to say you’re going to have to get rid of those shoes that don’t fit or you’ll never wear again! I don’t care how you get rid of them but make sure you do it. As for organizing, there are a few different things you can try to organize your shoes depending on how your closet is laid out. First you could try keeping your shoes in the boxes – this could get frustrating if you get them in the wrong boxes or don’t know which box the shoes you’re looking for are in. I can see that ending in just having a bunch of empty boxes in your closet with your shoes all over the place. My next suggestion is a shoe rack, this is what my mom uses. Just a small rack on the ground that you can put your shoes in, or a larger shelf like rack. I use a hanging one which works super well for me – only problem is my shoes lay over top of each other and sometimes squish. If you have space you could even put your shoes in dresser drawers inside your closet.

Shoe Shelf

Next I’m going to say organize your clothes. Organize them how you thing is best; by color, by garment or how I do it – by use. If you wear some things more than others put them on the right hand side and put the clothes you wear less on the left hand side. Which ever way is easiest for you to go through and be happy with, organize them like that.

My wardrobe

Lastly I’m going to say that you shouldn’t be scared of boxes or drawers or wardrobes or hanging shelves. Whatever helps you de-clutter is the best! I keep scarves hanging so I can easily access them. All hats, scarves and belts sit in a box, where my favorite two hats sit in a smaller box which is easier to pull out, and lastly my shoes hang in a hanging shelf so I can see them all and they are never all over the floor.

My scarves, hats and gloves.

I hope your day one of better beauty worked out for you! Let me know how everything went.




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