Spring into Beauty: Day Two; Detox your Makeup Bag

I’ve already gone over shelf life of your products, but it’s spring! The time to clean and start fresh (because I know you forgot your new years resolutions already so lets start over again).

I’m going to give you 3 simple steps to completely de-clutter and detoxify your makeup collection.

Step number one: Detoxify.

Yes, I went through it all.

This means you’re going to want to go through ALL of your makeup and toss a shit ton. If you don’t ever use it, toss it. If you bought that mini pallet for that one color and it’s all gone, none of the others have been touched (story of my life)  toss it. If it smells weird, the texture has changed or it has expired, you bet your ass the garbage can is going to give it a little love. If it is past it’s prime then throw that shit away! (liquid foundation/concealer: 12 months. Powder foundation/blush: 2 years. mascara: 3 months. Lipstick: 1 year. Eye and Lip pencils: 2 years. Eye shadows: 2 years for powder, 1 year for cream.)

I split my makeup into two piles - stuff to keep and stuff to toss.

Once you’ve gone through and tossed everything that needs to go, clean up all your leftover makeup and your makeup bag. This means wipe down your products so they look more approachable, clean off buildup from bottles, clean up the edge of lipsticks (cut off the top layer with a sharp knife to get them looking nice again), sharpen your pencils with a clean sharpener, etc. Anything you can do to make your makeup look a little more like new – do it.

My stuff looked so nice once I was done.

Step number two: Proper tools

Get yourself the right tools for the job. Make sure that you have all the proper tools for each makeup product that you have. If you have yourself a bottle of liquid foundation and you are applying it with a sponge, try going out and getting yourself a liquid foundation brush. If you need help with what brush you may need check out my post on makeup brushes right here so that you can get yourself sorted out. Make sure to add a set of good tweezers and an eyelash curler to your kit so that you can do primping to your brows and lashes as well as your skin. You may also want to keep a small bottle of shampoo (I’m thinking the mini ones you get from hotels) in your bag so that you have it on the go if you need to clean your brushes.

Step number three: Prepare

Take a look in your makeup kit and see what’s missing. I know if I look in mine I only have half a pot of blush left, and one lipstick, where as I have a ton of eye shadow and eye liners. Make sure to go out and fill the gaps that you are missing. You may not focus on lipstick (that’s exactly what I don’t do) but it’s always good to have for those days you want it! And who knows maybe you’ll be wishing you had it some days, or maybe you’ll get hooked on it. Make sure to give yourself enough variety that you can play without feeling limited. When you go out to fill your kit stay away from what you already have a lot of and wait until you’ve used up your collection before buying more.

You may also want to completely switch your makeup line to a proper line such as Jane Iredale or Niko cosmetics. This is the perfect time to. If you go through and find a bunch of makeup no no’s such as the ones in this post here then it may be time to move on to the big girl leagues. It may cost a little bit more but as you age your skin will thank you.

Anyways I hope you have fun de-cluttering!



5 thoughts on “Spring into Beauty: Day Two; Detox your Makeup Bag

  1. “wipe down your products so they look more approachable” <- that killed me. I literally laughed so hard. Theres been so many times I havent reached for a product because it looked gross. lol but definitely, everything looks better after you wipe it down. Its amazing what a little cleaning can do 🙂

    • I know, it was brutal for me, I had to go back to mine three separate times because I had so much, it was so frustrating! But it really does make a difference hey!

  2. You would be very proud of me, I did this. Tosses, wiped down, freshened up. I even sorted–yes, SORTED: every day and special occasion. And (here is a post idea), I figured out how to store things so they don’t stack and smack each other. I have one largish basket with a plastic liner (was a flower arrangement?) that has most day-to-day things and little jars to stand up brushes and pencils. And I have drawer thingers too so stuff doesn’t smash around.

    I rarely use a bag–you know how much travelling I do–and I don’t reapply during the day. I figure I work hard, people should see how worn out I get.

    Another great post. 🙂

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