Spring into Beauty – Day 3; Add More Color

Today is day 3 of our Spring into Beauty segment and we’re going to spruce ourselves up and add a little color to our lives. I don’t know about you but a staple to my wardrobe is black, my eye shadow is usually neutral brown shades and at the moment my toenails are unpainted and my fingernails are a nude brown. How boring is that?! So today we’re going to talk about adding a good solid pop of color into our lives. So first of all lets try and get out of our neutral color zones by purchasing a few bold color items. It’s so easy to wear all one neutral color like black, white or gray and then add a bold shoe with a matching cardigan or bag.

Or you could just go all out, there's no harm in that.

I’m not one to talk about fashion and clothes though, I prefer to focus on beauty. So lets talk about bold eye shadow colors. I know that it can be really pricey to buy all different shades of eye shadows so you can always try mixing eye shadows together to get a new color. Want a color a little darker? Try adding a bit of black shadow. Just gently scrape a bit out of your pot with a popsicle stick and pour it out onto a small plate or empty pallet. Then mix your color in there to find your perfect shade. This color mixing works for polish as well, although it’s a little more difficult to do it without making a mess. You can either pour colors directly into bottles but if your color doesn’t turn out well your whole polish is ruined. Again, try pouring out a few drops onto a small plate and mixing on the plate. Before putting your brush back in your polish jar make sure to clean it off so that you don’t put some of that hand crafted color back in your clear jar. You can also try mixing a very pigmented eye shadow with some clear polish – I saw some pictures of a girl who did this and it looked pretty nice on! However, you’d have to mix it very very well and I am not sure how long it would stay on. If you try this please let me know how it works out! Try and put polish on more often to put a ย bit of color in your nails if you feel uncomfortable with putting brighter colors on your eyes. Hopefully you add some color to your life! xoxo Jdal.ย 


8 thoughts on “Spring into Beauty – Day 3; Add More Color

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    • I actually have considered writing an ebook! I feel like I’m all over the map with my topics that it would take me forever to get them in line though =P
      Yeah I would love to bounce some ideas back and forth that sounds great =]

  2. I am taking the Internet seriously now. I am retired and can dive into it. There are a lot of topics on the Internet and I am reading on many of those and commenting. You have made your blog more interesting than most that I read. Thanks for that. I am the proud owner of my own website and blog and i get ideas from blogs such as yours. Thank-you. My email and site are included with this post. I think it is ok that I incuded them since there seems to be a place to do that. Hope so anyway. TheVeryBest2You 13 9

    • Oh I’m so glad to hear! I used to post daily but I think it might change. I am so happy to hear all the great feedback that people are giving! I will for sure check out your site as soon as I get home from work today!! Thank you =]

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