Spring into Beauty: Day Four – How to Naturally Enhance your Lashes

his is a huge question that people have – how to get my eyelashes as long as false ones without applying them. Some of the products that have been proven to work are unfortunately really pricey – no one wants to spend $300 on a small tube of lengthener. I’m going to tell you about a few products I like, and some natural remedies that I have discovered.

If you would like to go buy yourself a professional lash enhancer the top two rated lash enhancers are “Lashipix” and “Neulash” which both work for lashes and brows and have key ingredients of Sodium Hyaluronate and peptide bonds which help to grow lashes.

There is always the option of having eyelash extensions put on but I have heard that they are very uncomfortable and itchy, can be awkward and in your vision and also can damage your real lashes. So the list of cons somewhat outweighs the list of pros.

A quick makeup tip that could help make lashes appear longer is first to curl your lashes, then apply mascara to the tops of the lashes as well as the bottoms, and then apply most of your mascara to the tips of your lashes. This will make the ends of your lashes appear thicker and bolder where as if you put as much mascara on the base of your lash they will look short. It is basically an optical illusion.

Next little tip is coconut oil. Get yourself a clean mascara wand (maybe pull out an old mascara tube and wash the wand off REALLY well) and apply coconut oil to your lashes every day before you go to bed. Make sure not to get the oil in your eyes as it may cause irritation or blurred vision (momentarily not permanently). I have read a few reviews saying that people have noticed the difference in their lashes after applying coconut oily daily however no one said exactly how long they used it for. The closest I read to a specific amount of time is “weeks” haha so I couldn’t tell you exactly how long you’d have to use this for.

Lastly there are a few products that I have tried out that aren’t as expensive as most lash enhancers – damn straight it’s from Jane Iredale! First product is their PureLash Extender and Conditioner. It comes in a tube with a wand so it feels like a mascara application but it is totally white. It can be a primer or base for mascara or a lash mask. It helps to strengthen, lengthen and thicken lashes using algae extracts, beeswax and sweet almond seed extract. Make sure to apply most of this product to the base of your lashes. The price of this product varies where it is sold, but the Kingfisher Oceanside Spa and Resort sells it for somewhere around $16 – it most likely wouldn’t vary too much from there.

Jane Iredale PureLash Conditioner

Next is Jane Iredales lengthening mascara. It comes in this beautiful gold tube and uses algae extract, beeswax and hydrolyzed wheat protein to not only lengthen lashes but also goes on clump free (I’ve never had any problems with this mascara clumping). It has no harsh chemicals and works well on sensitive eyes as well.

Jane Iredale Lengthening Mascara

If you have any DIY lash enhancers let me know and I’ll add another post! I hope that your lashes grow long and prosper ( ;] )




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