Spring into Beauty: Day Six – Prevention

Now is the time to start ladies! If you are 20 plus it is the time to start preventing aging. I know it feels young, but now is the tiiimmmeeee!

You’re going to need to get yourself a NICE skin care line that does not come from a drugstore. So pop on into the nearest spa and talk to them about their anti-aging products. You’re going to want to get yourself a nice moisturizer, an eye cream and a mask. You should already have a cleanser and toner at home, the moisturizer and what not should be specified for anti-aging.

Why? Oh you bet your ass I’m going to tell you!

A Moisturizer is very important to keep your skin well hydrated; one of the main causes of wrinkles is dehydration. So in using a moisturizer specified for anti-aging, not only will it hydrate your skin but it will also help to tighten, lift, and stimulate collagen production (I can’t say this for all anti-aging moisturizers but most will focus on those points).

An eye cream is important to keep your eye area wrinkle free. The extra hydration in the eye area is important to hydrate and keep the eyes from getting puffy or sagging. The difference between a regular moisturizer and an eye cream is that the eye cream is specified for eyes (which has the thinnest skin of the whole body) so that it can penetrate the smaller pores without drowning them in a thick product.

Lastly a mask will help to tighten and hydrate the skin while also stimulating collagen production (again I can’t say this for all masks but many anti-aging ones will) Masks help to deeply penetrate the skin and work as an intensive treatment which is why you should only use them one or two times a week.

Bam! That is why you want those three products in particular.

Another thing you really want to focus on is your SPF! The sun will cause melanin production which causes damage and eventually leaves sun spots. ALSO the sun causes free radicals which can not only cause cancer but can also decompose our body cells. So free radicals are the numero uno culprit for aging. Shitty deal right? So put your damn sunscreen on!

So if you are over 20 get out there and start your anti-aging experience! And don’t you dare head on over to shoppers/rexal/walmart because I will have to severely lecture you, again!



PS sorry for no pics I’ve just been so busy the last few days!


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