Spring into Beauty: Day Seven – Hydration

Hydration, hydration, hydration… Honestly when I have a client come in and they tell me they only have about two glasses of water a day I want to gasp out loud. WHY DEPRIVE YOURSELF SO?!

You should be drinking AT LEAST EIGHT GLASSES A DAY! Just wanted to make sure you got that. Water is so damn important! It makes up 70%-80% of our bodies, and as we age it dips down to 60%-65%. Still, the majority of our bodies are water. So we want to keep our watery bodies replenished by drinking a big old jug of water every single day. 

If our bodies are dehydrated, the first place you see it is in your skin. Your eyes look sunken and your skin will change a lot. Not only will your skin become deeply dehydrated, but it will cause wrinkles – doesn’t matter what age you are they can start early! If you have a problem with oily skin it is important to keep your water up because it won’t starve the skin of nutrients and hydration which can cause overproduction of oils. If you have dry skin I don’t want to be captain obvious but it won’t make it any more hydrated if you don’t drink enough water…

I’m going to give you 8 benefits of drinking water for your body. I don’t know why I give such random numbers, don’t ask me this is just all I know. Gosh.

1. It helps us detoxify. The lymphatic system is the system that drains toxins from our bodies. Long story short, all the bits and pieces of this system ends up bringing the toxins to the bladder (or the lymph nodes where you can sweat it out which is why sweating is so important). The more water you drink, the more you can pee, the more toxins you remove from your body. This can sometimes in itself cure things that are internally wrong. It can help you with headaches, stomach pains, and build ups of toxins in your system.

Also within this little section, it can help you lose weight as it will assist in flushing by products of fat breakdown out of your system. It will also reduce hunger and has no calories (durp).

2. Helps you concentrate. As our brains are made up of 90% water, staying completely hydrated can help our brains function on full force. Also drinking enough water can cure headaches and become more alert and concentrated.

3. Regulates our body temperature. This doesn’t mean that it cools you down, this means that it helps you stay at a healthy temperature. When working out it’s important to keep hydrated so that you don’t overheat. It will help to fuel your muscles in exercise (our muscles are 75% water) and keep you feeling energetic.

4. Your metabolism may raise as an effect of water because it helps you with digestion. Water goes perfectly with fiber so that you can cure that super cozy constipation. It will lubricate that big ol’ terd and push it on out. Unfortunately not a lot of people like to talk about that whole thing, but regular bowel movements are so important. Did you know that the longer poop sits inside you the more poop gets all through your whole body? It’s true. Your colon is semi-permeable and through osmosis your shit will be everywhere in your whole entire body and become more concentrated in shit the longer it sits inside you. Nice hey?

5. Water keeps your muscles lubricated which can help you to avoid cramps and sprains.

6. Water will actually help you to relax more. Nah I don’t know if that’s the best way to put it… More so that water will help you not be so tired. If you don’t drink enough water your body will have to work extra hard to work so all your organs will be exhausted. As an example, your heart will have to beat faster to pump blood through your body.


8. Lastly, it helps our skin not look so dry and sickly.

So get on that water drinking bandwagon right now. There’s no benefits to ignoring when you’re thirsty.




3 thoughts on “Spring into Beauty: Day Seven – Hydration

  1. I am totaly the same opinion! I never was a heavy water drinker, till I became too ill.
    Everything changed after I started to drink more then 1,5L per day.

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