Spring into Beauty: Day Eight – Jewelry

I really want to do this one!

Today is the day you want to organize your jewelry. It’s a difficult task sometimes but it’s gotta be done! First thing you’re going to do is go through your jewelry and if you don’t wear some things then you bet your ass you gotta get rid of them! Send them to a second hand store! Pawn them if they’re real gold or silver. I don’t care just get them out of the house!

After going through your jewelry I’m going to get you to clean it all. I know, I know. It just makes it so much more attractive and now that you’re actually focused on your jewelry it’s a great time to do it!

After your jewels are all cleaned you’ll most likely want to wear them more as they’ll be a bit more approachable; this is the same as when we cleaned your makeup.

Now you’re going to want to organize your jewelry. There are a few ways you can do so; jewelry boxes, kits, or jewelry hangers. I created my own little jewelry holder out of a picture frame I wasn’t using anymore which you can see below. The only thing that it doesn’t hold is stud earrings, but I’ll figure something out I’m sure of it… A lot of my friends really like it but I’m bored of it now and I’ll let you know what I end up changing it to! There are also some pictures below that you can use to inspire you to create different jewelry holders.

This is how I organize my jewelry!

Send me pictures of what you did! I always love to see =]



Photo credits from The Look on Today

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