Spring into Beauty: Day Nine – Steam it up!

Once or twice a week try to get into a local steam room. If you have your own that’s even better! Steam rooms have been used for thousands of years to enhance healthy lifestyles. How so? Well let me extrapolate.

Steam has many benefits including detoxifying. Whenever my friends are feeling sick the first thing they do is go to the steam room so that they can sweat out all those toxins. This works if you aren’t sick as well. The lymphatic system removes toxins from our bodies via pee and sweat. So all our toxins are pushed either into our bladders or our lymph nodes which are located in areas we normally sweat; the underarms, along the spine, the groin area, and along the throat. They are also located in areas we don’t normally sweat but it’s okay we won’t go over all that right now. Anyways, whole point of the story is that we sweat and these toxins are pushed out. So forcing a sweat by going in a steam room is a fantastic way to detoxify.

Steam can also make the skin glow and look healthy! The heat causes the heart to beat faster and blood to flow to even the smallest little capillaries to try to cool the body. This blood flow means that nourishment, oxygen and vitamins are being brought throughout the whole body giving you a healthy glow.

You know the magic school bus has been all up in her blood vessels and shit

Now this one can be pretty scientific to explain so I’m going to try and dull it down a bit. Steam can help boost your immune system. By raising the body temperature (this is what happens when you have a fever) you are limiting any virus that may be in your body. Viruses can only live in a certain temperature range and an increase may stunt multiplication of the virus or kill it all together.

yeah you's a dead maw faka

Lastly I’m going to go with the obvious. Steam rooms are very relaxing. They will help you to relieve stress and relax your muscles which can become so tense after working so hard. The heat will also give relief to those with arthritis.

In conclusion, you need to get yourself a pass to wherever has a steam room and go often! I realized after this post that I need to go more often as well! Let me know how often you guys go and how super happy it makes you! Is there anything else about steaming that I didn’t put on here that you know?




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