Spring into Beauty: Day Ten – Dress up!

Yes, this is me.

Alright ladies. This is a big kick in the arss! I don’t know about you but sometimes I just want to make myself into one hot mama! I found this to be not only super fun, but a huge confidence booster as well.

Now I’m not saying to do this all the time but… every so often this is super nice (aka almost every night that I’m alive and bored.)

Pull out your red lipstick and your nice clothes and just beautify! Play around with your makeup, do something you don’t usually do, wear something that you haven’t put on in years. I never grew out of playing dress up and I don’t think that anyone should!

About once a week my good friend and I will sit in front of my big mirror and just smother the makeup on until it’s just one big hot mess sitting there staring back at you. My cousin and I used to get together and dress up in some ridiculous costumes and just do the most random photo sessions ever, and man were those fun.

Most. Fun. Ever.

So grab yourself a girlfriend and pull out everything you’ve decided that you can’t wear because it’s “inappropriate” or whatever your excuse is, and slap that shit on. You are going to be a sexy disaster tonight!

What did you girls get up to?! Tell me if you dress up with a friend or by yourself, did you do pictures and just love them?! Keep me posted people! I feel like you all shy away from comments!




3 thoughts on “Spring into Beauty: Day Ten – Dress up!

  1. This is fantastic! Love the humour Jadela. Can’t wait to do those ridiculous photoshoots with you again this summer!!

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