Spring into Beauty: Day Twelve – Avoid Sugar

I am so sorry! I feel like I’ve been apologizing a lot lately, but this one is so brutally hard and I’m with you on this. I am a candy fiend like you wouldn’t even want to believe – that’s right, you COULD believe it, but you don’t want to go so far as to think that I eat that much.

No I’m not that bad but still I love my sweets.


I was going to put a giant picture of a cupcake here, just to have a little color on this post… but I thought that would be just too cruel… So this is what you get instead…

heh.. heh… heh……

Okay sooooooo sugar is great for exfoliating your skin, but on the inside it doesn’t do such wonders. It’s actually probably good that it isn’t exfoliating your insides…

So what sugar does is create glycation in your body. This is a process that damages your collagen and elastin and as we may, those are two things that keep us looking youthful. It also triggers free radicals in your system which can cause damage and inflammation to the cells.

Sugar also suppresses the immune system. As you eat a big sugar load you are temporarily blocking your immune system’s ability to respond. This can last for several hours, so if you eat sweets all throughout the day your immune system may be barely working. This is why it’s good to eat healthy when you’re sick – so your immune system is on full blast.

So to keep your skin looking youthful you may want to steer clear of those sweets. What I do is give myself one day a week that I’m allowed to have my sweets and even then I like to keep it limited. That makes it a bit easier!¬†Also you can replace those artificial sweets for ones like dates (I go to them when I have a sweet tooth and they’re like little candies to me!) fruits – fresh or dried, sweet vegetables or honey.


I hope that you guys find a way to cut back on the artificial sweets! Let me know how it goes!

This is also pretty interesting to look at… However, this is the American version of the drinks, there is some products that have to make a different formula for Canada (aka Mountain Dew) because of the stricter rules about ingredients in Canada. Might as well just eat that bag of sugar if you’re going to pick up that Red Bull.





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