Spring into Beauty: Day Thirteen – Take shorter showers

You wouldn’t think that this would change anything other than your hydro bill, but it’s strange how water works when it’s applied topically on the skin. You would never think but when water hits the skin it actually creates DEhydration.

Water can break down the complex layer of naturally occuring lipids between and on top of the skin cells… To put it bluntly it will dry your skin. To keep your skin from dehydrating try a good splash of honey in your bath once a week, or having a salt bath. Both of which will help your skin to keep it’s own hydration rather than break down these important lipids.

Make sure that after your showers to put on a nice moisturizer. Try to apply it directly after your shower – within the first three minutes to be exact. The first three minutes will not only allow you to use less moisturizer (because your skin is still wet and a little will go a long way) but also this is when it absorbs the best. This is called imbibition, but I won’t get into that. Basically it’s a type of absorption.

Anyways, make sure to take a shorter shower to keep your skin full of hydration! Let me know how difficult or easy for you!




PS. SHORT POST hahaha so weird…


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