Spring into Beauty: Day Fourteen – Eat Breakfast

Eating breakfast is so important to your body, which is a part of your beauty obv…

Think of your metabolism as a wood stove. You stoke it all day to keep it going properly. Then when you go to bed, no one is stoking the fire. In the morning you have some hot embers left over. Now if you feed those embers right away they will easily become a fire. If you ignore the embers and you come back to them later then you’ll have to start a whole fire from scratch.

So by giving yourself breakfast in the morning you are stoking your embers and creating that fire, which is your metabolism. If you ignore your first meal and your embers burn out, it takes a while to build that metabolism back up so you will not be able to work off your food as well.

Try and do a good breakfast using as many of the food groups as you can; eggs on toast with cut up veggies and orange juice. However if you’re on the run try and go with a healthy cereal and milk or a yogurt and berry cup.

Let me know if it was hard for you!




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