Spring into Beauty: Day Fifteen – Stop Smoking.

This may be a totally redundant post for a lot of you but it’s important to put out there because it is a huge aspect of how your skin looks.

Smoking can not only effect your insides – if you don’t know what smoking can do to your insides you really need to get out of the cave you live in – but it can also effect how your skin looks. It ages you like no other.

If I see a smoker coming towards me I can tell almost right away depending on their age. They will have harsher, deeper lines around their mouth, not to mention the yellowing and decay of the teeth. Smoking deprives the skin of the well needed oxygen so it causes the skin to change into a sunken, grey-ish tone.

There are so many ways to quit smoking as well; the patch, nicorette gum, cold turkey quitting, hypnotizing,  champix, zyban, and also cutting back slowly. There are so many different ways that if a few don’t work do not get discouraged – try, try again.

Start today, don’t procrastinate. Now is the time to quit.



2 thoughts on “Spring into Beauty: Day Fifteen – Stop Smoking.

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