Jane Iredale Concealers and Environmental Inspiration

Okay today I’m taking a brief break from our Spring into Beauty to say that today I met with Ruben (basically the face of Jane Iredale cosmetics) for a makeup lesson. And it was just fantastic. I am ecstatic right now. SO my post is on makeup. YAY!

I know I already have a post about the Jane Iredale line so in leu of being repetitive I’m going to share with you some things that I have learned or new products that I wasn’t in love with until now.

First off the bat I’m going to tell you everything I know about how this makeup line is environmentally friendly, because I know for a fair portion of people this is becoming something that they look at. All the boxes and packages are printed with soya inks which break down, for starters. Also all the plastics used are consumer plastics so they are recyclable. The boxes are recyclable as well, and the gold compact that you will buy your purepressed base in is made of 100% recycled aluminum BUT has an environmentally friendly coating so you never actually touch the aluminum (some people believe that it is connected to Alzheimer’s so they tried to avoid any dispute about that) This gold compact is actually the greenest compact out in the market right now, and I am a proud owner of one. Lastly the minerals are bio-engineered in a lab. This means that there is no impact on the earth from mining big holes into it, and the makeup is cleaner because it is pure minerals rather than minerals with trace elements that cannot be cleaned out.

PurePressed Golden Compact

So there was a bit of new information for me, I knew some of that but I didn’t realize the compacts were so amazing!

The Zap n Hide

Next I wanted to know what the difference between their product “Zap-n-Hide” and “Disappear” was. Both of which I knew were concealers but I wasn’t sure why there had to be two different ones. The Zap-n-Hide is for an occasional breakout and uses a treatment balm to fight the pimples that pop up


The disappear is more for your whole face if you have acne or regular breakouts. This gives better coverage and uses green tea extract to help fight and kill the bacteria.

NEXT I was curious about the under eye circle concealers because these two were more for blemishes than under eye circles. At the moment I use Circle Delete, but Ruben totally shoved that aside and said it wasn’t as great as this other product that I haven’t heard of before. The Circle Delete in my eyes is fantastic. I found that it has the perfect color for me, although it does feel very rich on the skin which Ruben pointed out so a powder may need to be applied before AND after using the circle delete to prevent any creasing.

Circle Delete

However, there is this concealer that I didn’t even know existed that took me by surprise, I fell right in love with the idea of it. Maybe it was just how he portrayed it to be so much better than the circle delete when I already like the circle delete.. Anyways, this concealer is called Active Light and it is multi-purpose. Although this is a concealer it is a nourishing concealer so it should NOT be applied to a blemish as it will nourish it and help it to grow. This concealer however is fantastic for under eye circles as it covers and reduces puffiness. So as Ruben put it “if you were a bit of a bar star last night and need to go to work this is what you want.” It uses cucumber extract and buckwheat seed extract to de-puff the eyes. It also works as a facial highlighter.

I want to keep going because I’m just so excited but I don’t want to be that overwhelming person that tells you five MILLION things in one post so by the time you’re done you forget everything you read. So I might as well just stick to concealers and tell you more later! Let me know if you girls are switching over yet (trust me, you will LOVE yourself when you do.)



All photographs are off of the official Jane Iredale Website You can also learn a bit about Ruben at this link here however he does not have a personal blog or anything that I could share with you. I wish he did!

2 thoughts on “Jane Iredale Concealers and Environmental Inspiration

    • Thanks for reading! I’m a big fan of Jane Iredale cosmetics and I like to do my research so I’d like to think that I’m right up on the “right” answers… Rather than telling you to get crap haha

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