Spring into Beauty: Day Seventeen – Be Positive

You can always tell the difference between people who have a positive attitude, and those who are super negative.

Having a positive attitude makes you appear more attractive. No one wants some negative nancy being all up in their business all the time, they just want party pooping patricia to peace out.

Whether you believe it or not, positive attitudes give off this glow about people. Almost like an inviting aura. You seem so much more attractive when you extrude positive attitudes.

If you don’t know, there is a spa treatment called Reiki. This is a transfer of positive energy through massage where you don’t actually touch the person. I don’t know it sort of sounds like crap to me but I completely believe that if you have a positive attitude it can “rub off” onto other people.

Smiling and being positive actually releases feel-good chemicals called endorphin’s. During my psychology lessons in grade 12 (lol) I actually learned that if you sit there with a smile on your face, these chemicals will release in your brain and you will start to feel happier. So if you’re being a grumpy guppy just put a smile on your face and sit there a while, you’ll cheer up.

So to make yourself appear to be more attractive, you may like to keep yourself positive.  And by may, I mean do it. Keep your negativity to yourself and your counselor, or your good friends when you’re not in a public place.




One thought on “Spring into Beauty: Day Seventeen – Be Positive

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