Spring into Beauty: Day Eighteen – Proper Portioning

This is important for multiple reasons. First of all this will help your products last longer so that you can get your money’s worth, and will also make sure that you won’t drown your skin out with overuse of product. I’m going to be using a cheap cream in all my pictures just so you can see it better.

cleanser: use a nickel sized amount over face and neck

toner: most will say apply to a cotton pad but I just put a small splash on my face with my hands. Just the tiniest amount you could get out of the bottle (usually it just pours out) will be good enough, I have never not gotten enough. Try not to get anymore than a dime sized amount.

exfoliant: all depends on what kind but usually no more than a little wormy (you know what I mean, if you squeeze it out of a tube it makes a little wormy) that is half an inch long. That is the most you should ever need.

mask: completely depends on the type of mask; gel usually a nickel sized amount, cream usually a little bit more if it is a thick cream, if it’s a thin cream usually a bit less, clay usually about a nickel to quarter sized amount

serum: if it is a complete liquid no more than four drops, if it is a cream serum no more than a small dot. If you seriously need a picture of four drops, then you need help. I’m not sorry that I’m not putting a picture of four drops up for you.

moisturizer: I like to tell my clients about a pea sized amount, however I looked at a pea today and realized that is more than I use. About 3/4 of a pea sized amount….

eye cream: This is so little that it’s ridiculous. If it’s in a squeeze tube you should basically squeeze the tube, touch the end of whatever is sticking out and you’ll have enough to go.

this is even too much.

So hopefully you guys can portion a little better! I have clients come up to me sometimes and not realize that the reason the products make them break out is because they’re smothering their skin!

Let me know how it goes ladies! Were you overdoing it?



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