Spring into Beauty: Day Nineteen – Stop the Soap!

Stop using bar soaps. Yah yah yah, I hear you. They’re only 25 cents a bar, they clean your skin, I don’t want to have a dirty body, it smells nice. Blah blah blah…. Shh. I seriously don’t give a single shit about your excuses, they’re not important. Soap is crap. This includes cheap body cleansers as well.

Soap mostly contains “cleanser ingredients” like sodium lauryl sulfate and lye. These ingredients will actually strip the skin almost completely of naturals oils. Now I know half of you are going “well I don’t want to be greasy and oily.” no no no. These oils are the ones that keep your skin soft and supple (good word use..) and they are called sebum (relax you perverts, sebum not semen) Sebum is a natural oil that is produced by your sebaceous glands to keep the skin hydrated and fresh. Stripping the skin of this oil will leave you skin not only dry and scratchy but also irritated and sensitive.

I could LITERALLY punch you in the face if you use bar soap on your face. This is SO BAD FOR YOUR FACE! And I will kick you right in the woman parts if you tell me “well my face is fine, I’ve always used soap”. You DRIVE ME NUTS! This product will dry the shit out of your face if it hasn’t already, and it will not only speed up your aging but it will also fill your skin with horrible ingredients that damage the inner layers of your skin. Sounds good right? You will literally look 50 when you’re 40. You will look 40 when you’re 30. You will look 30 when you’re 25. Still want to use your soap? I will kill you.

This is my BIGGEST pet peeve! Anyone who comes in and I ask “oh what do you use on your skin” “oh you know, soft soap, bar soap, whatever I can find that foams.” I have to hold myself back from thrusting my elbow into their eye. Just don’t do it! Why would you put yourself through the crap in a few years! It’s better to make an investment in a nice body wash and a nice cleanser now than to put yourself through years of really really expensive anti-aging creams. It’s easier to get the easy-going, light anti-aging products as you go then have to pay for the more expensive, more extreme anti-aging products.

Please kill your soap via drawing a face on it and stabbing it in the soapy face. It tried to ruin your body/face, why not ruin its face right back!



Ps. Sorry for the violent post of the day, this is just my biggest pet peeve ever, drives me absolutely nuts.


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