Spring into Beauty: Day Twenty-One – Don’t Pop le Pimples

Don’t do it! I know that it’s the hardest thing in the world, but you should really avoid it. I’m not going to leave you hanging though, I’m going to tell you why. Popping a zit can actually make it not only look worse, but can also cause further break out.

After popping a zit it becomes harder to cover up as it turns a deeper red color and becomes a worse texture. It will be more uncomfortable as well. Cover up and powder will just sit in the open wound building up bacteria which can make your pimple worse unless you’re using a nice skin care makeup such as Jane Iredale Cosmetics. So it would actually look nicer in the end if you just don’t pick at it.

Secondly, popping a pimple can actually make your skin more irritated, inflamed and can make a further breakout in the skin. Many times you will pop your pimple when it isn’t ready. When you push your fingers directly across your skin, you are actually forcing bacteria deeper into your skin. Sometimes when you do this with a pimple that is still way under the skin you’ll hear a “pop” or “crack” that is the little pocket bursting and letting all that bacteria loose in your underlying skin layers. This will cause further break outs. Now lets say you do wait until your pimple is ready and you pop it – are your hands clean? Did you touch another part of your face directly after? Did you get all the bacteria out? There are so many things that could go wrong without you even thinking that it is wrong.

Now 100% of the time you should go to a pro during a facial to get your pimples picked at, but sometimes that isn’t ideal for people who have breakouts all the time (such as myself). So this is how you can PROPERLY pop your pimple:

Step one: Cleanse and tone your skin.

Step two: wash your hands and cut your nails. If you have fake nails and you’re not going to cut them then you can’t pop your pimples. I’m sorry I just won’t let you. Clean underneath your nails as well – this is where most of the bacteria sits.

Step three: wrap your fingers in tissues (I use one tissue and rip it or cut it in half) and roll it so that there is a lot of cushioning on the pad of your finger.

Step four: only pop pimples that have a whitehead. If they do not show this white blobule then do not pop them, they aren’t ready and they will only spread bacteria through your skin.

Step five: push down into the skin around the pimple (toward your brain and insides!) then inward. DO NOT use your nails as it will break the skin. Try to only use the pads of your finger or the thicker part of the tissue. Now wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle! Do NOT push very hard. As it is in the whitehead stage it shouldn’t take too much pressure. If you feel like there’s still more in there but you’re not getting it out, switch angles – if you were straight across, try going on the top/bottom of the pimple. Usually this will go until a small dot of blood comes out. Now don’t use this part of the kleenex on another pimple as it will be spreading the bacteria.

Step six: use your toner over top of the spots you have just smooshed to clean the area again.

Make sure that you are being gentle and not using your nails – these are two really important tips. Both of which can cause scarring which is worse than just a pimple in the first place.

So in conclusion, don’t do it until it’s just a big ol’ burstin’ baby on your face. Sounds sick but in the long run it’s so much better for you! Just wear a turtleneck over your face or let your hair fall over it for a few days… Tell me how it goes, do you have anything you want to add? Anything you want to know?




Sorry for the lack of pictures but I didn’t really want to have a bunch of pictures of me popping someones pimple on my blog…

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