Spring into Beauty: Day Twenty-Two – Luscious Lips

You want a sexy smoocher? Want a nice, moist kisser? Or would you prefer chapped, flaking little worms on your face… Your lips are skin too and they need to be treated as such – they need exfoliation, moisturizing and sun protection.

Twice a week you’re going to want to exfoliate your lips. You can use a facial exfoliants just make sure not to eat any of it. You can also exfoliate by rubbing lips with a toothbrush or a washcloth. A quick scrub a few times a week can remove that chapped look and have the texture smoothed out quickly. Similar to exfoliants on skin, this will also help moisturizing agents to penetrate deeper.

Now lets talk about moisturizing the lips. Make sure to apply a moisturizing lip balm at least once a day. Make sure to use a balm without petroleum. Petroleum has cancer causing agents and is listed as a carcinogen in some countries. My two favorite lip balms that don’t contain petroleum are Burt’s Bee’s and Jane Iredale’s Lip Drink. The Burt’s Bee’s Balm comes in a little tin for just under $5 and has a refreshing peppermint tingle. Plus how often do you get to rub a little tin on your mouth? Jane Iredale’s Lip Drink not only has SPF15 (and doesn’t taste like shit) but it also has anti-oxidants and green tea extracts.

This brings me to sun protection for the lips. I don’t know a ton of different lip chaps that have SPF and don’t have petroleum or taste like the inside of a horses asshole. The Jane Iredale one is nice! It’s even recommended by the skin cancer foundation. It’s important to protect your lips from the sun because they are also susceptible to cancer and sun damage.

So give your lips a little loving! Chapped lips make you look older (not in a mature, sophisticated kind of way..) and GROSS. Hahaha just kidding, but seriously they don’t look good. What do you use to keep your lips happy?




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