Spring into Beauty: Day Twenty-Three – Keep Active

Keeping yourself active and getting a bit of outdoor time into your life is important in my opinion. I feel like this is similar to being positive, it’s just all about how you present yourself I suppose… But keeping yourself active gives you a natural healthy glow, and getting outdoors gives you a big boost of vitamin D (in the summer) and releases tension and stress.

Lets start with keeping active. Research linked together long times spent seated with cancer, high cholesterol and diabetes. And a bit part of beauty is you know, being alive.. so… Cardio workouts in specific help with giving your skin a fresh healthy blood flow giving you a natural blush. And not that “my skin is irritated” or “I didn’t want to waste the last of the vodka so I just chugged it” flush to the skin. As some of you may or may not know, the blush in your cheeks makes you not only appear healthy (which stimulates something in the male brain, they always want a healthy lookin’ chick it’s just nature.) but it also stimulates something in the male brain. This is more nature rather than personal preference. When a man see’s blushed cheeks it makes them think of the “orgasm face” when you go all red, and it makes them think daaammmnnnnn!!!! Break me off a piece of daaat aasssssss!

Now what about going outdoors? In the summer you get a big boost of Vitamin D from the sun which will not only give you that bronzed skin thateveryone craves but also boosts your immune system and is also important for bone health. As well as these health benefits, outdoors offers you a stress relief. Those deep breaths of fresh air are so soothing for the body and further your relaxive state =] And if you aren’t already relaxed, then it will help to calm you down so that you can clear your head. This is important because stress can actually sit as toxins in your body and make you sick. So get your ass outside.

So to sum it all up, get outside and do something with your life. ;] Just kidding, but it is nice. What’s your fave thing to do outside? I’m a bike rider, and recently got really into golfing? It’s odd but whatever.





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