Spring into Beauty: Day Twenty-Four – Pay attention to details.

This doesn’t mean go all Sherlock Homes on your every day life. I more so mean that you need to start paying attention to all the little things about yourself. Are your elbows dry? If you had to check then you obv don’t pay enough attention to yourself.

So I want you guys to start really noticing what you need to help yourselves with. I want you to always check your elbows, knees, fingers and toes, face, hair, legs, stomach, everything.

If your finding dry skin, try doing a salt/sugar scrub (on the body only) and then applying a moisturizer afterwards. Mix together sea salt and olive oil (or whichever oil you prefer really except vegetable oil) and scrub over your elbows and knees and wherever is dry to help remove dead skin cells. Afterwards apply a nice body moisturizer for smooth and healthy looking skin.

If your finding that you’re starting to get stray hairs, don’t panic. Either wax or tweeze, never shave. Shaving makes the hair seem more coarse as the thinnest part of the hair is cut off and now the thicker base of the hair is the end – more coarse feeling. Tweezing or waxing pulls the hair directly from the papilla (the hair bulb) eventually breaking that down so that no hair will grow there anymore. Make sure that if you do your own waxing or tweezing that you clean the area first (a facial cleanser works) and then apply a cleaner after (your toner is great for this). This way you will avoid that awkward “I waxed there but now it’s just a million little bumps and pimples which is actually worse than having hair there in the first place” stage.

Finding that your body is really stiff or sore? Don’t hold yourself back! People can tell when you’re uncomfortable. Go get yourself a nice deep tissue massage or a back massage or anything really. Chiropractor works too. Come on man! Don’t force yourself to continue hurting!

Are your nails a wreck? Then file them! Shape them and push your cuticles back. It’s so easy and quick, I do it when I watch tv and even when I’m thinking about what to write next. If you haven’t had your nails done in a long time and you look like a disaster then maybe go to a pro first then start after they’ve fixed you all up and brought you back to normal.

And for gods sake clean your damn ears!




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