Spring into Beauty: Your Final Day – Ladies Night!

Today is our last day of Spring into Beauty, and I decided to finish up with a Ladies Night! Tonight we’re going to focus on le facials. I thought about this one for a bit because it’s a little complicated as there can be many types of skin, but I did a ladies night with my cousin recently and it worked out fantastic.

If your hosting it would be best to prep everything before everyone shows up. Make yourself masks for each skin type (oily and dry would actually be the easiest as everyone falls in those two categories) Get out your cleanser and toner – 99% of the time these will work for everyone – and set those up by the sink. Have a bunch of facial towels available for you and your ladies to use. If you have a moisturizer that’s great too – if it’s in a squeeze bottle you can just squeeze it out for the ladies so they use too much, but if you have a pot then make sure to do it for them. Some people get greedy and use a lot or stick their fingers in – no one wants that.

For the exfoliant, there are many things you can do. However the most fun exfoliants are the ones you leave on rather than the ones you scrub your face with as they feel like a mask and you can socialize while it’s on. It’s also usually cleaner. One of the best natural exfoliants you can use is just straight mashed up papaya. However, you can also use kiwi, lemon, and plain greek yogurt (it has lactic acid in it which helps to slough off dead skin cells) So get yourself a bowl of one of these for your lady friends.

So for the masks, I’m going to give you two quick and easy ones.

The mask in the bigger bowl is for dry skin. What we did was grind up some raw oatmeal in a coffee grinder, then pour it into a bowl. Mix in a big glob of honey, a splash of milk and some hot water until it’s a thick paste. If it is too thin it won’t sit on the face properly. We made it pretty thick and it looks super hot on but whatever. The oatmeal is soothing, and honey is a natural humectant so it holds moisture in. The milk is a lactic acid so it helps to remove the dead skin cells that may be sitting on the top of the skin due to dehydration. The water just binds it together. Leave this on for about 15-20 minutes.

The mask in the second bowl is for oily skin. This is literally the easiest and the best mask ever. This is a bowl of egg whites. Apply to skin and leave on until it is dry – if you leave it on longer it won’t hurt you, don’t worry. The egg whites are full of vitamin B and not only help with pulling oils from the skin but can also help with tightening and firming the skin. Your skin will feel a-ma-zing after.

So this is the order your facial is going to go in:

Cleanser, toner, exfoliant, toner, mask, toner, moisturizer.

Have tons and tons of fun! Thanks for reading through the Spring into Beauty month! I’m really pumped that it’s over hahaha. Anything you guys want to see or know?




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