Posted in May 2012

Stretch Mark 101

BAM! A new thing that I haven’t gone over yet. I feel like I’m running out of material, and then something pops up and I get to tell you all about it. Wahoo! So I’m going to go over stretch marks today; what they are, how to prevent and how to reduce them. So what … Continue reading

How to File Awkward Callouses

I have had a few ladies in that have had some pretty awkward callouses and they have told me that they feel odd or different about it. Honestly, I’ve seen so much callous build up to this point there there really isn’t a lot of “weird” or “different” callouses, but there are some that can … Continue reading

A Makeup Switch-up

So this morning I went to do my makeup and looked down at the colors I was using and realized that they are so horrible for summer wear. What the hell was I thinking? Using cool, deep purple hues and dark browns. This is the time to lighten up and go for a more natural … Continue reading

SPF uh oh

It’s that time again! Time for sun and the beach and hanging out outside, and of course time for sunscreen. But there has been talk through the hallways about whether or not sunscreen is actually good for you or not because of some of the ingredients. So what do we need to look out for? … Continue reading

Puffy Eyes Begone!

How freaking annoying is it to have swollen eyes? Honestly the worst. You just look like a disaster. I sometimes get puffy eyes due to allergy and tis the season for allergies right now, so yes I may look like a monster some days. So how the heck do you get rid of them? Lets … Continue reading

Baking Soda

This stuff is freaking amazing. It’s been around for so long now, and it’s so cheap, but it does everything from hair to pits to skin, I’ll let you know how it goes. Mix 3 scoops of baking soda with one scoop of water to make a paste and rub it into your skin for … Continue reading

Beauty Treatments Involving Animals

I was just stumbling around on the interweb, you know how it goes, and I found this page where it talked about all these bizarre beauty treatments. I thought what a fun thing to share! This way if you’re travelling and end up in one of these places, maybe you can go experience one of … Continue reading

3 Ways to Spring Polish

What are the best spring colors for your toenail/fingernail polish? I sometimes have a hard time with this because I love the deep blues and dark hues that come out in the winter. But it’s time to change it up my friends! Lets go with some nice spring colors! I’m just going to jump right … Continue reading