3 Ways to Spring Polish

What are the best spring colors for your toenail/fingernail polish? I sometimes have a hard time with this because I love the deep blues and dark hues that come out in the winter. But it’s time to change it up my friends! Lets go with some nice spring colors!

I’m just going to jump right into corals. If you haven’t noticed that coral is kinda becoming a huge thing then you have to be brain dead. Or else don’t look at any sort of media anywhere. My favorite coral thus far is SpaRituals “Last Tango” which you can see in the picture below – although pictures online aren’t always so great to see proper color. I would do a “swatch” or whatever these cool kids are calling it these days, but I don’t have this polish at home and I don’t want to go out and put it on at work. I have things to do people! Places to go, people to see!

The next section of colors that I’m going to suggest is light blues. The SpaRitaul just had a color collection called “Water” and in it was a color called “Ebb and Flow” which is a beautiful robin’s egg blue. Directly after that collection launched, a second one came out called “Pigment” which has a color called “Indiglo” which is also a light blue. If we look at OPI’s new “Holland” collection you’ll find a light blue as well; “I don’t give a rotterdam!” So in that case, I dub color numero dos to be light blue.

Ebb and Flow

Lastly I’m just going to throw in a classic; french tips. Just looks so clean and fresh – basically the definition of spring right hurr. However, I think that it’s time everyone takes a break from acrylics and gel nails and starts to grow their own nails out for french manicures. It just looks so much nicer and so much more natural!

Have fun with your new polish colors! tell me how it goes!




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