Why would you ever want to wash your face?

Ladies! I’ve been totally MIA all week! It’s ridiculous!!! So today I’m going to start back up again, however I feel like daily might be a bit much for me right now and I might only end up posting about 3 times a week so that I can keep up with my life as well.

So enough with the boring shit, lets get down to business. For real though. Not all of us really understand WHY we need to wash our face. We just kinda know that it is important and do it like good women. Well, I have to deal with many people who tell me they don’t use anything on their skin and it’s fine. And when I start to talk I am silenced. It’s awkward and embarrassing, and I feel like taking it out on the internet. So I’m going to tell you WHY YOU SHOULD WASH YOUR FACE…

FIRST OF ALL! Washing your face will not only remove MAKEUP which I’m sure you’re using SHITTY SHIT like COVERGIRL that will HARM YOUR SKIN and AGE YOU, but it will also remove all the dirt and dust that has accumulated on your skin during the day. So it’s a good idea to REMOVE all these toxins that can cause BUILDUP IN THE SKIN and HARM to the skin as well. I’m really digging the capital letters right now. I’m going to bold the shit out of the next paragraph..

When left on too long, old makeup and dust and last nights bar star adventure shit on your skin can clog your pores. Why does this matter? Well clogged pores can cause enlarged pores, acne, rashes, and skin irritations which not only looks uneven and ugly but it makes you look dirty. Not the good dirty either, not the “ooh she’s dirty 😉 gotta break me off a piece of that!” But the “what surface did she even rub on to look like that, dirt is too clean for that.” You don’t want that! Neither do I!

Now normal makeup, when I say normal I mean what most people buy at the drugstore, is a moisture barrier. This brings me back to aging you. As your skin dries out you look old and pruney. This also prevents the skin from naturally exfoliating, so you will look dull as well as old and pruny. You’ll be a DULL OLD PRUNY LADY when you’re 27.

NEXT, when you don’t remove mascara or eye makeup, you can have LASH BREAKAGE. HOLYFUCKINGSHITBALLSNOOOOOOIWANTLONGEYELASHES!!!! The lashes become more brittle as the mascara suffocates them and sits on them all day. Eye makeup overnight can also cause eye irritations. Mmm, wake up all puffy and red. Looking super sexy for that job interview ;]

Lastly, during the night your skin repairs. If your skin can’t properly exfoliate or breathe, and is fully clogged with SHIT then you’re just not going to get any better. A clean, fresh face is what you need to help fix anything that is going on. Also, during the night is when skin absorbs skin care products better, so your night cream will penetrate deeply if you have a nice clean face.

So long story short, wash your damn face so you don’t look like a dirty hippy. K? K sweet.




2 thoughts on “Why would you ever want to wash your face?

  1. question for you… in my job i have to try and tell people to use a particular cleanser twice a day (not gonna give the name) and while i can explain the importance at night, wish i could print out some of the things you said and just say that shit, it is harder to explain why if they cleansed at night.. the morning is also important. i know this post is older so if you dont get back to me i understand 🙂

    • Hey sorry for the late reply! I’ve been totally MIA on my blog for ages now but I thought I’d pop in and see how it goes! It can be extremely difficult to explain to some clients everything that you want to explain. There is so much we need to teach people and so little time and sometimes we get clients that are just so shitty and don’t care and totally annoying – it drives me nuts with their interrupting “yes okay yep yep uh huh alright..” Just shut up and listen haha
      I tell them it’s a great way to start your day, will create a perfect fresh feeling face for your makeup application or the start to your day (plus it helps to splash water on your face to wake you up) I like to keep it short and sweet and if they seem interested in more information then I won’t deprive them of that. But you’re right, it is so difficult to explain to people the importance of each little thing sometimes!

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