Beauty Treatments Involving Animals

I was just stumbling around on the interweb, you know how it goes, and I found this page where it talked about all these bizarre beauty treatments. I thought what a fun thing to share! This way if you’re travelling and end up in one of these places, maybe you can go experience one of these. There’s a bunch of them on there, but for now I just want to go over the ones involving animals or animal bi-products during their treatments.


The first one is right in Manhattan and literally makes me want to puke. This specialized facial uses a natural ingredient and comes at a cost of $180 per facial. At Shizuka New York Day Spa, the put bird shit on your face. It has been purified by UV light and brought down to a powder, then is mixed with rice bran to neutralize any stankiness. The bird crap helps to break down dead cells and cleanse the skin. It also lightens, brightens, and makes skin more radiant. Apparently this dates back to the geishas in ancient Japan, who used bird crap to take off their makeup. I don’t know about you, but that’s one of the last things Id go out and find to rub on my face.

Hey ladies, wanna rub your face in my shit?

Next to bird shit, we have a relatively well known one… At least I’ve heard of it because I know that a spa was closed because of this. To remove callouses in a unique way, pop into Yvonne Hair, Nail & Tan in Alexandria, Virginia. They give the fish pedicure. Clients will sit for 15-30 minutes with their feet in a tank of Garra rufa fish, which will then eat the dead skin off your feet. SICK AS EFF when you really think about it. Honestly I just think that would tickle and I’d be the tard laughing the whole time while people are trying to relax. Anyways, these fish have no teeth so they won’t harm you. However the people are very strict about sanitation of your feet before you dip your feet in so that the fish won’t be harmed either. The treatment is $95 for 30 minutes of fish chewing on your feet. Honestly just go to Mexico or some shit and stand in the water for half an hour, basically the same thing will happen. Or just walk in the sand..

Alrighty because we’re on the track of fish I’m going to tell you about Channing’s Day Spa in Chicago. For $185 for 60 minutes you can have a caviar facial. Apparently the caviar can rival Botox in it’s beauty benefits. It is freeze-dried and imported from Switzerland, thawed out, and then smeared on your face. They then use electric current to help skin to absorb all the necessary amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants which it is rich in. It will help to moisturize the skin, repair sun damage, fine lines, and soften the appearance of wrinkles. Well this honestly doesn’t sound that bad other than the price, but seriously the benefits sound fantastic. One day in the future when I start looking like an old bat I will for sure try this.

I might as well go to the sickest nastiest shit I’ve ever head of. Honestly this should be on fear factor not in a spa. If you go to Ada Barak’s spa in Northern Israel you can experience the “therapeutic” effects of SNAKES slithering ALL OVER YOUR FRICKEN BACK. They use different sized snakes for different sized knots in your back, so you’ll have little tiny ones and BIG NASTY EFFERS ALL OVER YOUR BACK. GUUUHHHHH I want to puke! It’s around $70 to do this treatment and honestly I feel like someone would have to pay me a lot more than that to get it done. The snakes are apparently non-venomous but serious man, what in the world?! Who comes up with this shit?!



So honestly I’d only probably do the caviar one, the other ones are a bit much for me… Haha naw if I was in the situation I would probably do them all, just so I could say that I’d done them all. Which would you do? Would you even do any of them?





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