A Makeup Switch-up

So this morning I went to do my makeup and looked down at the colors I was using and realized that they are so horrible for summer wear. What the hell was I thinking? Using cool, deep purple hues and dark browns. This is the time to lighten up and go for a more natural summer glow.

So what am I taking out of my every day use routine? Well I’m going to start off with the dark eye liner. For me that looks a little heavier and doesn’t suit the natural look I’m going for. A lighter liner such as bronze or gold (which are in my set of three in the black/brown plus trio from Jane Iredale) would be alright for the summer because it still gives your eye that defined shape but it isn’t so harsh and bold as the dark browns or black. I read a thing in cosmo that said that this season the aqua liners are going to be big, however I hate that look. I have never seen some one in an every day situation and thought “that looks just wonderful. What an inspiration to my summer makeup routine.” Honestly I usually think “LOL wtf is on your face bro?”. So the aqua liner is totally out for me, it just isn’t happening.

Secondly I’m going to take out my cooler winter colored eye shadows. This includes my deep purples and browns, which will be traded for lighter brown hues to continue on with that natural look. If I’m feeling like glamming up a  bit I’ll use the brown shadows, but otherwise I’m just going to probably stick to my mascara and that’s basically it for eyes.

Almost gone, but still love the colors, so much so that I need to buy the lighter one again..

Next thing I’m going to change up in my every day makeup bag is my blush. I love the look of a soft rosy glow, but as the season changes into warmer weather I can’t help but feel it looks like I have a sunburn. So I’m going to change my cotton candy blush by Jane Iredale to my fantastic bronzer by Niko. I don’t know the name of it because it’s tags have warn off but it’s magical stuff. There’s a bit of speculation about sparkle in bronzers and blushes, I’ve heard both sides of the story; I hate it it’s just so childish – I love it, it’s so fun! Honestly I don’t give an eff. Mine has sparkle in it, and it just makes the sun reflect off my face and look like a twilight character with a little color on my skin. Fine by me, they’re supposed to be the best looking people in the world according to Stephanie Meyer.

My almost empty Niko Bronzer

I am also going to exchange my under eye concealer. Although I love circle delete, in the summer it becomes a little greasy and if it sits in the warmth of the sun too long it melts. I can’t put melted concealer on my face. So because I don’t really need one I’m not going to replace it, but if I was to put an under eye concealer in my bag I would use Active-Light Under-Eye Concealer by Jane Iredale. It has coverage and nourishes the skin under your eyes to help reduce bags.

I’m obv keeping my mascara in my bag, there’s no way I could live without it. Mascara is my go-to makeup that I just cannot live without. I’m also keeping my mineral base in my kit, although I hopefully won’t be using it as much. I love the stuff but I love having next to nothing on my face, it’s just so much more comfortable.

Lastly I’m going to go over lip color. I’m not usually a lip person, I’ll usually wear burt’s bees (which is staying in my kit…) but my friend recently turned me on to a color. Unfortunately it’s revlon, but sometimes we need to make sacrifices. I’m sorry Jane, but I just don’t love any of the colors you have! Anyways, my Revlon color is called “pink blush” and it is a kind of bright, light pink… If that makes sense. It’s bright, but it isn’t dark at all. Which is fun and doesn’t feel like a heavy color for winter. It’s the perfect summer color and it’s a color that I actually like on my lips, which is hard to find. I feel like I’m saying which a lot.

Sorry it looks like shit, but honestly who’s lipstick looks nice for the entirety of it’s life.

Anyways, I took all my deep, dark, winter colors out of my makeup kit and I’m excited to lighten  up my makeup for summer! Hopefully it inspires you to clean out your every day kit (lol I have an every day kit, stuff I’m likely to use when I go out, and my backup kit…) and go au natural for summer.




3 thoughts on “A Makeup Switch-up

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