Stretch Mark 101

BAM! A new thing that I haven’t gone over yet. I feel like I’m running out of material, and then something pops up and I get to tell you all about it. Wahoo! So I’m going to go over stretch marks today; what they are, how to prevent and how to reduce them.

So what are stretch marks and how do we get them? Stretch marks occur by rapidly shifting weight or size. It is very common to get during puberty as women grow hips and tittays, making us all baby making machines and such. They will also show up with rapid gain of muscle mass and in pregnancy. Even though our skin is very stretchy, if it is overstretched (due to rapid change of shape) the normal production of collagen is disrupted. This means that scars will result which appear as stretch marks. Most women have stretch marks, so don’t feel like you are alone in that.

So how to we prevent them? Well if we focus on watching our weight and try not to gain weight or muscle mass at a quick rate, then we can avoid them. However sometimes this isn’t the case and no matter how hard we try, the pounds or muscle or changes in our body take us away from those goals. Unfortunately this isn’t something that we can completely avoid, however it is possible to reduce them.

First of all, you want to start right away. Stretch marks get harder to remove the longer they sit on your skin. When they are red/purple/pink or brown they are a bit easier to reduce rather than the white or silver marks.

Next you’re going to want to really focus on them by massing the area three or four times a day. Now depending on where you read you can find different things to massage them with; olive oil, cocoa butter, shea butter… Honestly you need deep hydration. A product I really like for stretch marks is the Phytomer Seatonic Stretch Mark Reducing Cream; it uses Succharide and Shea butter to help hydrate and strengthen the skin. It’s very rich; you only need a small amount to massage into stretch marks. It depends on your body type on how long this will take to reduce your marks.

Many people have said that using self tanners (like lotions or sprays) can help to cover the marks while they heal on their own. Even just tanning in the sun can help reduce the appearance of the marks on your skin, so getting a little bit of bronze on may be a fun idea. Just make sure to use your sunscreen!

So try to keep a healthy weight, use a nice cream and massage into your marks, tan and keep on them and you’ll be markless asap. Tell me if you have any little tricks!




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